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Learn about auto glass insurance

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Buying a car must go: pay compulsory insurance

From the text, we can see that compulsory traffic insurance is a type of insurance that car owners must purchase after purchasing a vehicle. It is a mandatory state-owned car insurance. Anyone who causes losses to a third party (except for the car or the person in the car) , Whether you are liable or not, it is the scope of the compulsory insurance compensation standard, and it is the minimum guarantee for you to drive on the road.

Yes or no: basic commercial insurance

It is also called the four main insurances and commercial insurances, including what we have all heard of: car damage insurance, third party liability insurance, car ride insurance, and theft and rescue insurance. Compulsory traffic insurance does not include them. You can understand it and compulsory traffic insurance as For branch-to-branch relationships, these main risks can be selectively taken only after the cross-compulsory insurance is taken. In short, you can take only one compulsory insurance and nothing else, but you can't take only the basic insurance and not take the compulsory insurance.

On-demand expansion: commercial additional insurance, "I am here!"

The additional insurance is relative to the main insurance (commercial basic insurance), as the name implies, it refers to the "supplementary additional insurance" attached to the main insurance contract. Today we are going to focus on the separate glass breakage insurance that belongs to this part of the scope. It is the same as the commercial basic insurance. The additional insurance cannot be insured separately. You need to purchase the main insurance before you can choose to purchase the additional insurance.

Commercial additional insurance mainly includes: vehicle theft rescue (theft rescue), liability insurance for the personnel on the car, separate glass breakage insurance, spontaneous combustion loss insurance, water-related driving insurance, no-fault liability insurance, liability insurance for vehicle cargo falling, and vehicle suspension Loss insurance, new equipment loss insurance, special insurance without deductible, etc. The separate glass breakage insurance, spontaneous combustion loss insurance, and newly added equipment loss insurance are additional risks to the body loss insurance. In other words: if the glass is broken, you have to have car damage insurance and separate glass breakage insurance before compensation!

What is the individual glass breakage risk?

So, what exactly is this single glass breakage risk? Separate glass breakage insurance is a commercial additional insurance that is responsible for compensating the insured auto insurance for the loss of separate glass breakage in the vehicle itself during use. The insurance liability is that "the insurance company will compensate if only the windshield and window glass (excluding the lights and exterior mirrors) of the insured vehicle are damaged."

what's it for?

In fact, generally speaking, newly-purchased vehicles will be covered by more comprehensive insurance, which is what many people call "all insurance". I can simply understand it as: car damage insurance, third party liability insurance, theft and rescue insurance, and glass insurance. , Scratch insurance, vehicle personnel insurance and additional insurance without deductible. The main insurance is car damage insurance, which mainly compensates for the loss of the insured vehicle itself caused by natural disasters and accidents, but! It does not include any damage caused by man-made malicious damage.

For example! If your car was damaged by an object falling from a high altitude, the insurance company will pay compensation after finding out the situation, but if your car was deliberately damaged. In such special circumstances, even if you purchase the above-mentioned main insurance, you may not get compensation. For example, no compensation for losses during car repairs, no compensation for engine damage caused by a second start of the vehicle in the water, tire blowouts, loss of vehicle tires alone, or loss of audio equipment in the car.

At this point, you may say, "My car was smashed, and I don’t care about compensation? Is there any reason?" The separate glass breakage insurance is an additional insurance that was born under this premise, mainly for the separate breakage of the insured vehicle glass. A kind of commercial insurance for the loss. The broken glass alone means that the insured vehicle can only be compensated if the windshield and window glass are damaged (excluding car lights, mirrors, and sunroofs).

Is it necessary to buy a separate glass breakage insurance?

For a common household car, the insurance premium for a separate glass breakage insurance is about two to three hundred yuan a year, while the replacement of a brand new glass costs about six to seven hundred yuan. Many car owners think that this type of insurance is not cost-effective. Because many car owners will take advantage of the "car damage insurance" loopholes, because in many cases, it is not uncommon for the glass and the car body to be damaged at the same time. Generally speaking, in this case, insurance companies will make claims through car damage insurance. However, if your vehicle has broken glass alone, you can't expect car damage insurance claims. Therefore, you have to make your own decisions about which is more important.

Therefore, for some car owners, especially those who run tens of thousands of kilometers every year and often run long distances, it is still necessary to insure the glass breakage insurance separately, and those who often stop on the roadside and the surrounding security is not safe. In a good situation. Because glass damage is different from car body damage, the car body will not affect normal driving if it is scratched. It is not a big problem to repair it at the end of the year, but once the windshield or window glass is broken, it will directly affect driving safety.


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