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Little common sense about auto glass repair

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Under normal circumstances, the damage to the glass is nothing more than the small stones rolled up by the side car during high-speed driving. Although the stones are not large, they are fast and irregular in shape, which can often break the glass out of pieces in an instant. However, the scale of the cracks crushed by small stones is generally not large, and the diameter is generally about 5mm. In this case, the owner should go to a professional maintenance shop for glass correction as soon as possible. But if the main body of the damage exceeds 20mm, the repair effect will be poor, and the average store will advocate replacing the glass.

  Many friends will ask, a piece of windshield is generally not of low value, and many people do not have insurance against glass breaking alone. Wouldn't it be too wasteful to advocate replacement for larger damage? Can I use it if I will?

In fact, it exceeds the scale of 20mm, as long as it is not exaggerated, it can be repaired, and the strength after repair cannot be guaranteed. When the high-speed wind resistance increases, or the windshield is frequently subjected to force such as car washing, rain, snow, wind and sand , The strength of the glass is not guaranteed, and there are certain safety hazards. Here, our suggestion is not to repair it if it exceeds 2cm, and replace the new windshield glass as soon as possible to avoid larger cracks in the glass during use.

   The damage is already caused by rolled stones, so the damaged area is generally not large, but because the stones are irregular in appearance and the impact track is also irregular, the shapes of the damaged points are various. Professionals said that if the damage is rounded, the damage is relatively simple to repair, and the repair effect is good, because the round broken generalization can support the surrounding intact glass, compared to those wounds with many cracks. In other words, it is easier to be corrected.


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