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Long-term unmaintained sunroof may leak water

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Some car owners find that even if the car sunroof is tightly closed, water leaks in rainy days after using the car for a period of time. For unknown reasons, this is because the car owner neglects the maintenance of the sunroof in the daily use of the car, and the car sunroof The sealing ring will gradually age during use. If it is not maintained and replaced in time after aging, it will affect the sealing function of the skylight and cause the skylight to leak water.

   Some vehicles have sunroofs that are "lifted up" after maintenance. This only occurs when the sunroof is covered from top to bottom, or when the sunroof is opened from bottom to top. The "lifted" indicates that the rubber strip and the roof The friction between them is too large. This situation usually occurs shortly after cleaning the rubber strip, because the dust on the rubber strip is wiped off, which causes the friction coefficient of the rubber strip to increase. The talcum powder can be used for regular smoothing, and the excess friction can be reduced on the basis of maintaining the sealing performance.

   Reminder: Generally speaking, in addition to smokers, some car owners have a low utilization rate of sunroofs, and even many car owners care for the lack of sunroofs. If they are not maintained for a long time, they will simply show aging. You should know that if any thing is not used for a long time, it will simply present various problems. Every time maintenance, remind the master to check the sunroof is a necessary measure.


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