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With the continuous development of the automotive industry, individuals have more and more vehicles. Everyone knows that if the car is used for a long time, there will be various problems. This is quite normal, but it does not mean that we should not pay attention to them. If you have a certain understanding of the performance of automobile failure, when such a failure occurs, you can quickly identify which problem is, thus reducing a lot of trouble. Here are some basic knowledge about common failures and maintenance of automobiles.


1. The skylight of the vehicle cannot be opened in winter.

In winter, when parked outdoors, the ice and snow falling around the skylight melted due to the higher temperature in the car the night before. But overnight, the overall temperature of the vehicle decreased, and the melted snow condensed into ice, so it is very easy to freeze the skylight glass and sealant frame. If the skylight is opened forcibly, the motor and rubber seals of the skylight will be damaged easily. Therefore, the skylight should be opened after the temperature in the car is confirmed to rise and thaw. Similarly, when car washing in winter, even if hot water is not completely cleaned, the residual moisture at the edge of the skylight will freeze, so the skylight should be opened after car washing in order to dry the surrounding water. In addition, the surface of the skylight sealing strip has been sprayed or flocked. In order to avoid freezing, the spray-painted strip should be dried with a soft cloth and then coated with talc powder. And flocking treatment tape just can be wiped dry and do not stick greasy dirt.


2. The steering wheel of the vehicle is difficult to operate when driving.

There are many reasons for this problem. For example, the front wheel air pressure on both sides are inconsistent. The front wheel caster or the camber angle of the front wheels on both sides are not equal. The leaf spring force on both sides is inconsistent. The wheelbases on the left and right sides are too far apart. If the wheel brake clearance is too small, it will cause delayed braking of one side brake.


3. During driving, the engine has noise, especially when accelerating.

Since most of the new engines use hydraulic tappets, there is no excessive sound of the valve stem clearance. This kind of noise is mostly caused by the use of low-grade fuel. In order to eliminate this kind of fault, it is necessary to meet the requirements of high-grade fuel.  If the required fuel cannot be purchased at the moment, the ignition timing should be adjusted appropriately.


4. The front windshield car window is foggy in winter.

In winter, when driving a vehicle, especially when a few people just get on the car, the inside of the front windshield is easy to fog and affect the sight. Even if it is constantly wiped, it is still foggy, especially affecting the safety of driving. Following is a brief introduction of the method of fast fog removal and fog prevention: when fast fog removal, turn on the air conditioning switch. And the air outlet selection knob is turned to the position of the windshield. Three or more air outlets can be closed or reduced. Turn the air volume adjustment knob to the appropriate position. Glass anti-fog uses a special glass anti-fogging agent, which is available at supermarkets or auto supply stores. The price is not expensive and the effect is very good. If you do not have a special glass anti-fogging agent, you can use a household glass lotion or detergent instead, and wipe the inner surface of the windshield with a damp cloth.

5. The headlamp is foggy.

The back cover of the headlight has a plastic or rubber venting passage for removing the heat-expanding gas. If there is a slight fogging phenomenon, it will dissipate quickly after air circulation or turning on the headlamp. If there is always water or fog, it needs to be removed by a professional automobile repair factory.


6. There was a slight noise on the pedal when the clutch was stepped on.

Some vehicles will make noise when they step on the clutch pedal. This phenomenon is caused by slight wear and tear of the clutch pedal support axle due to long-term use. Generally, some lubricant can be applied on the support axle.


7. The seat belt is hard to retrieve.

Some auto-roll-back seat-belts will not be retracted in time when they are loosened after a period of time. Generally, this is due to dirty seat-belts, as long as they are cleaned properly, it will be solved.


8. Air volume of air conditioning outlet is small.

The air volume inside the air outlet of the vehicle will appear to decrease gradually under the same fan speed with the use of the vehicle, and the cooling effect is also weakened. This is generally because many new cars are equipped with air conditioning filters. The purpose of the installation is to keep the air inside the vehicle clean, which also keeps the air conditioner evaporator clean and achieves the best cooling effect. After the filter is used for a period of time, it will be covered by dust and the air permeability will be weakened, and the air volume at the air outlet will be reduced. Therefore, as long as a new filter is replaced, the problem can be solved.


9. The bus window panes don't scrape clean when it rains.

This situation indicates that the wiper blade has hardened.  When the rubber part of the wiper has hardened, the wiper will not be able to 


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