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Maintenance method of car built-in window

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       Society is always moving forward, and cars are ordinary cars. Generally speaking, there are four windows that can be opened and closed. Needless to say, their functions are easy to understand. When the car is just started, it is necessary to turn them all on. The reason for this operation is to keep the air fresh. After a period of time, the air in the car is generally poor, so every time the car is released, the air in the car is relatively poor. It is very important to habitually release air when driving, so as to ensure our breathing health. Cars have become a common substitute. But have you noticed the triangular windows around the windows? Many people think they are beautifully decorated.

      In fact, they play a very important role. During high-speed operation, all car windows should be closed, because the influence of airflow is very large, even affecting our control of the steering wheel. From this perspective, the role of windows is indeed more important, we need to learn maintenance knowledge in daily life, so as to extend the use time. A more common injury is a scratch on a hard object. Most are man-made. When some pedestrians pass by, they may inadvertently scratch the glass.

     When we find out, we can buy professional cleaners, it will not be so obvious after simple operations. It is annoying to clean windows with stickers. When we tore the paper strip, we found many small pieces of paper stuck to the glass. Ordinary tools are difficult to clean. We can only deal with it with sticker cleaning fluid. The ingredients inside can dissolve the glue, so it is much easier to clean, and it is also important to ensure the transparency of the windows.



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