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Maintenance method of car windshield

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      all, check the wiper regularly. The wiper is one of the main sources of damage to the front windshield. On the one hand, the wiper has been used for a long time. If the end of the wiper's rocker arm directly rubs on the windshield, it will not only wipe the rainwater. , On the contrary, it will scratch the glass. In addition, the wiper sticks dust and rubs the front windshield, which is easy to leave some small scratches and fine lines on the glass. According to experts, such small scratches can also cause the front windshield to break at high speeds. Although the probability is very small, the glass that occurred on some highways suddenly burst and the cause cannot be found. In fact, these small scratches accumulate over time. Caused by scratches.

       Secondly, when cleaning the front windshield, try to use the designated windshield cleaning fluid. The cleaning fluid is added to dissolve oil and improve the glass wetting interface, which is conducive to the maintenance of the glass; when snow, icing, mud blocks, Do not use wipers when drying hard bird droppings and other obstacles, otherwise the wiper blade, wiper motor and glass will be damaged.

      Regarding the film, the auto repair master introduced that at present, there are various types of films such as explosion-proof film and UV protection film in the front windshield film. Inferior film not only fails to function as it should, but is caused by insufficient light transmission and other reasons Security risks.

     There are small cracks in the front windshield. It is recommended to replace the glass when economic conditions permit. If you frequently drive at high speeds, it is recommended that the owner must replace the front windshield to ensure their own safety.


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