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Material of car glass

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         Probably few people pay attention to car glass. We generally believe that car glass is the most fragile part of the car, fragile and easy to crack. Many people also insure their car with glass insurance to reduce their own losses when the glass is broken. In fact, car glass also has many special features, for example, it is related to sound insulation, heat insulation and bumping safety. Today, let us take a look at the secrets of car glass.

1. Laminated glass on the car
   There are two kinds of laminated glass, one is laminated glass, and the other is laminated glass. Both of them will be hard hit. Although the glass is broken, the broken glass will always stick together and will not hurt people!

2. Automobile tempered glass
   Tempered glass is when the glass is heated to a fast softening temperature and then quenched and quenched into a glass product. Because the surface pressure and internal tensile stress of tempered glass are common or balanced, tempered glass also has stronger impact resistance and better thermal stability!

3. The characteristics of the front and rear windshield of the car: Although it is broken, it does not splash, stick to the field of view!

   Some front windshields have the words LAMINATED on them, indicating the use of laminated glass. Since the front windshield glass is one of the most vulnerable, when the laminated glass is broken, the fragments can be glued together through the film between the glass. The broken surface will also have a spider web shape, which will not only splash and hurt people, but also to the greatest extent. To maintain a good field of vision allows the driver to observe the road conditions ahead. The rear windshield will also have thin wires, which are heating wires, which can also assist in defrosting and defogging. When cleaning the glass, riders should be careful not to hang and wipe with hard objects to avoid turning off the heating wire!


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