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At present, the development direction of new glass technology in the world is energy conservation, new material application, environmental protection, intelligence, and safety. In terms of materials, the production of glass sheet is developing in four directions: large sheet, thin sheet, thick sheet and white sheet. In new technology, through surface and internal treatment, glass products have more excellent properties such as high strength, energy saving, heat insulation, fire resistance, safety, sunlight control, sound insulation, self-cleaning and environmental protection. With the extensive use of curved glass and strong bending glass, the inclination of the front window decreases and the height of the rear window increases, which increases the space inside the car and enlarges the field of vision. The new types of automotive glass that have emerged are of the following categories.


1. Automotive Glass that Can Receive Information

Central Nitro Corporation of Japan has manufactured windshield which can receive satellite TV programs. GIC is studying and developing new glass products embedded with wireless AM/FM, radio TV, mobile phone antenna and wireless GPS.

2. Automotive Glass with SPD Technology

SPD-Smart technology was nominated by the Automotive Engineering Society magazine as one of the top new technologies. It was invented by Research Frontiers, a film that senses daylight and flexibly changes the color area with daylight, allowing users to manually or automatically control the shielding area of glass or plastic at any time and accurately. It can be used in the production of various automotive glass products including car roof shades or other ceiling glass systems, as well as automobile windows.


3. SOLAR-X Thermal Reflective Automotive Glass

In May 2006, Xinyi Glass Research and Development Center developed and produced SOLAR-X heat-reflecting automotive glass, and held a new product promotion conference in Wuhan on June 25. This kind of automotive glass achieves thermal insulation by forming a permanent film that reflects infrared rays in the laminated glass. The product can be molded once, has few production steps, has simple process, is stable in product film layer, is not easy to age, and has permanent protection. While guaranteeing the visible light transmittance to reach the national standard of front barrier laminated glass, it can effectively reflect infrared rays and reduce heat absorption. At present, mass production has been formed. At present, mass production has been formed.


4. Electrochromic and Photochromic Automotive Glass

In the past 10 years, the United States, Britain, Italy, Germany and other countries have conducted in-depth and extensive research on electrochromic glass car windows, and achieved satisfactory results. Photochromic automobile glass contains colloidal photosensitizers such as silver halide, which will darken or colour when irradiated by light, and can return to the original transparent state after stopping irradiation, thereby avoiding dazzling and exposure of sunlight.


5. Photoelectric Sunshade Car Roof Glass

This intelligent car roof glass automatically activates the interior cooling fan by using solar energy during parking to keep the air inside the car fresh. It can also recharge car batteries continuously.


6. Self-cleaning Automobile Glass

The surface of the automobile glass is coated with a layer of TiO2 nano film, which can decompose the dirt under ultraviolet irradiation, and the glass can be cleaned for a long time without scrubbing. This kind of car glass can be used to make bus windows.

7. Anti-fragment Automotive Glass

Currently, the commonly used car glass is a plastic between two layers of glass. DuPont is developing anti-fragment glass, which is a two-layer special plastic and a layer of glass processed into a whole. The plastic side is in the car.  If the outer glass is attacked by external forces, no glass fragments will be produced in the car. The new anti-fragment glass will be 30% to 40% lighter than the current glass, and the price will be about 25% cheaper.


8. Anti-theft Car Glass

The product is a sensor formed by inserting wire into glass and energizing. If the burglar breaks the glass and the wire, the alarm will give the alarm. This kind of automobile glass can be used to make automobile windows, such as RV windows.


9. Glass with Display Function

Automotive glass can also be used as a display system. Future car route guides, orientation maps and so on can be projected from the back of the instrument panel to the front windshield of the car. The driver does not need to look at the instrument. Just look at the front and see the various information displayed on the glass, which is convenient and safe.

10. Bulletproof Glass

Transparent ceramics are as transparent as glass and it can be used as bullet-proof windows for high-end cars, which were tested by the US Air Force Research Laboratory. The double-layer hollow glass consisting of several layers of ALON, glass and polymer can withstand armor-piercing projectiles fired continuously from 7.62 mm pistol, but its mass is 50% lighter than that of ordinary bullet-proof glass.


11. Energy-saving Bio-glass

It is made by a high temperature of over 1 400 °C and unique technology, which is mainly made of black and green and other different mineral elements. Installation and use of bio-glass automobile energy-saving rod in water tank can stimulate the internal energy of bio-glass automobile energy-saving rod by circulating heat dissipation of water tank. The coolant is treated by far-infrared activation twice. At the same time, microwave is generated. And metal material is penetrated to act on the mixed gas molecule in the engine, thereby achieving the purpose of improving combustion efficiency.


As an important part of automobile, automobile glass plays a key role in automobile safety and driving feeling. At present, smart car glass is mainly used in the field of skylights. With the continuous progress of technology, smart car glass will gradually be applied to the front and rear windshields and side windows of cars.


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