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Need to pay attention to car driving window

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There are four windows on the car (plus 5 sunroofs), but the use of windows is not as simple as opening and closing. How to drive? When will it open? How much? These are all very particular.

1. Open one side window: diffuse gas (smoke smell)

The main purpose of opening side windows is to dissipate bad air in the car. For example: smoking.

There are people smoking in the car, which is undoubtedly a trouble for non-smokers.

It is recommended that when you smoke, you should open the window on the same side of yourself, as second-hand smoke will be exhausted quickly. The best way to dissipate is: open the window a crack. Just make the windows smaller so that the mist will dissipate faster and will not blow to the passengers behind.

2. Close the front window on one side: quickly remove the peculiar smell in the car

When the peculiar smell in the car is too great, you can close the window next to the driver and open the other three. This can quickly expel the peculiar smell.

In this way of opening the window, the air circulation will become unbalanced, the air movement also has obvious directionality, and the peculiar smell in the car can also be quickly discharged.

3. Open the rear window on one side: the ventilation method is softer

The best place to open a window is to open only the rear window on one side.

If there are no passengers in the rear seat, the one-side rear window can get a softer ventilation effect, and there is no possibility of getting into the sundries and being injured, but it is not recommended to use it for a long time at high speed.

4. Open windows diagonally: reduce noise in the car

Sometimes when I drive with the windows open, the noise will be loud, but I feel hot and I want to ventilate. At this time, it is most suitable to open diagonally.

The so-called diagonal is to open a window in front and a window diagonally behind. This is not only a good ventilation effect, but also low noise.

5. Open two windows on the same side: driving at high speed is not safe

When driving on a high speed, either do not open the window or only open one window. Never open the two windows on the same side at the same time.

Because the windows on the same side are opened at the same time, the airflow will be directly injected into the car on the same side. At this time, the passengers on the other side will feel particularly strong in the wind. If a leaf or a stone is flying into, the force is very strong and there is a risk of disfigurement.

6. Do not open the car windows fully: very bad

When all the windows in the car are opened, the airflow in the car will be chaotic. The air discharge around the window reaches its peak. At this time, the small objects placed in the car will tilt or even be damaged. Some keys inherent in the car may be blown off if they are not installed tightly. Therefore, it is not recommended to open 4 windows at the same time.

The best way to drive at high speed is not to open the window!

Whether in terms of fuel, noise, or safety, opening windows at high speeds is not that good. It is recommended to close the window and turn on the air conditioner, and the internal and external circulation should be mastered when turning on the air conditioner to ensure the air circulation in the car. This is the best condition for both the human body and the car.


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