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In this article, we mainly introduce some problems that still exist in the window market and the advantages of frameless sliding windows. As a new type of functional and structural material, the application field of frameless sliding windows has been continuously broadened with its function exerted, and has been accepted and respected by many researchers, manufacturers and consumers.

1.Major Quality Problems Existing in Window Market

With the rapid development of China's construction market, PVC plastic windows have gradually become the main body of building accessories, and the enterprises and products that produce PVC plastic windows are also increasing day by day. Therefore, the competition among enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce, and the phenomenon of competitive bidding is more common.

1)Reinforced steel

In order to reduce the cost, enterprises (especially small processing and manufacturing points) adopt steel lining with thickness less than 1.5mm and without anti-corrosion treatment. Once the reinforced section steel loses its function, it will inevitably cause the physical performance index of PVC plastic windows to fall short of the standard and affect the quality.

2)Hollow glass sealing materials and depression bar

At present, most of the processing and manufacturing enterprises of PVC plastic windows, of which, hollow glass is sealed by high polymer polysulfide sealant between double glasses. Because the quality of polysulfide sealant used is quite different, if the enterprise uses polysulfide sealant with poor anti-aging performance, it is easy to cause aging deformation and affect the sealing between double glasses.


In the manufacture and processing of PVC plastic windows, some poor quality and low performance hardware are used, resulting in poor overall appearance of the products, especially the wearable parts such as pulleys, locks and other devices. The use of undesirable products will directly affect the user's performance.

2.Advantages of Frameless Sliding window

1)Good lighting performance

Frameless sliding windows are frameless. The soft seals between the two glasses made of thick glass (after edge grinding) or double-layer hollow glass by special sealing process are made of ribbon rubber. Because the glass is frameless, the light consumption per unit area is much better than that of other framed windows. The lighting effect of one square meter PVC plastic window is generally about 60%, while that of frameless sliding window is about 81%, which is about 20% larger than that of PVC plastic window.

2)Good physical performance

Wind pressure resistance, air tightness, water tightness and switching force can meet high requirements. The physical performance index of frame-less sliding window basically reaches the middle and high grade level of PVC plastic window.

3)Low unit cost

Price and quality are a pair of complementary contradictions. Generally speaking, product quality is directly proportional to price. The high price depends on the difference of quality. The price of a product is generally composed of production costs, ancillary expenses, taxes and profits. It reflects the compensation of living and physical labor consumed by the product in the production field and the distribution and redistribution of newly created value. That is to say, a product with a certain price must guarantee a certain quality. Therefore, people should consider applicability and price factors when choosing and purchasing any commodity. We can find the cost price of PVC plastic window and frameless sliding window. From the price point of view, the price of frameless sliding windows is generally lower than that of PVC plastic windows on the premise of meeting the physical performance indicators. Therefore, frameless sliding windows have an advantage in price.

4)Good overall appearance

Frameless sliding window has good airtightness and lighting performance because of its small shading area, light and beautiful cross section, bright and bright, and comfortable appearance.

5)Easy installation

Frameless sliding windows are not assembled and fixed by various hardware like PVC plastic windows because of the convenience of loading and unloading between glass and fan frames. Therefore, in the process of installation and construction, it is much simpler, faster and more convenient than the installation of PVC plastic windows.

In a word, frameless sliding window is a kind of building product and structural component which is assembled by replacing window frame with fan frame. It has strong advantages in physical performance index, service performance and price. Therefore, the frameless sliding window has good prospects for development.


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