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Popularization of automotive glass knowledge

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Most car glass fronts are laminated glass, except for the front glass of ordinary cars, all glass is tempered glass, and some high-end cars also have laminated glass for doors and windows.

What is the original auto glass
    The first thing to note is that the original car glass is not produced by the car manufacturer, but is produced by the car glass manufacturer, and then installed on the car as a car accessory product. Under normal circumstances, this kind of matching car glass has a car logo, but it is not difficult to print a counterfeit manufacturer's logo, so the more you pursue the original glass, the easier it is to buy fakes. We should pursue glass of the same quality as the original factory, and replace the glass produced by a manufacturer with a big brand like Fuyao.
    For example, Fuyao made 100 pieces of glass on a production line, 50 pieces were marked with the car label and sent to the auto manufacturer, and the auto manufacturer gave it to the 4s shop; the other 50 pieces of printed accessory "FUYAO" label were sent to the Czech Republic. For accessories agents like Rui, the quality of the glass is comparable, but the price is much cheaper than that of the 4s shop. If you don't care about the car logo, you can replace the accessory glass.
Why is triangular glass so expensive?
This is an old topic. The source of his problem is often that after the car owner dropped the key in the car, he thought that the small glass should be cheap and chose to smash the triangular glass to open the door and window to get the key. Finally, he was surprised when he replaced the triangular glass. How expensive?"
   In fact, the reason is very simple, because small glass is not easy to break, the replacement rate is low, the manufacturer's inventory is small, and the scarcity is the most expensive. In addition, a lot of triangular glass is with assembly, the production process is complicated, and the replacement is not only the replacement of the light glass.


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