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Precautions for car windshield repair

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1. Do not wash the car and drive on a flat road as much as possible within two days of changing the glass.

2. Before repairing the car glass, thoroughly remove the dirt on the car glass. Careful selection of cleaning agents and related cleaning products are good choices.

3. After turning on the defogging heating for 5-10 minutes, turn it off, otherwise the rear windshield may crack.

4. Repair cracks not exceeding 20 cm, because the safety factor after repair is not as high as the original.

5. The effect is good after repairing, but after a period of time, cracks seem to reappear: the most common cause is overheating. Heating the glass to 26-32℃ is the most suitable temperature. After this temperature, the glass will expand. , And squeeze out the resin so that it looks like it has been repaired at the time. In fact, part of the resin in the cracks has overflowed, and the cracks will reappear when the glass cools down. Another reason is that the pressure is too high when the repairer is placed or the piston is pushed. This will produce the same phenomenon as when it is overheated. The way to solve this problem is to rotate the piston one more time when it touches the glass, and adjust the screw at the back. Make the final level adjustment. This problem needs to be treated differently. If it is a simple bull's eye, the repair effect will be better in time, mainly because the external dust and water have not yet come into the damaged interior, and the repair effect will be better.

However, most of the long cracks, star cracks with invisible cracks and compound cracks have stresses that are not completely dispersed at the initial stage of damage, and there are obvious invisible cracks, which are difficult to repair, and even excessive force during operation will cause Problems such as crack growth becoming larger.

6. After the repair is completed, there will be water-like marks: Overheating and overpressure will cause the glass to delaminate from the crack, and the resin will flow away from the breach. This problem is caused by bull's eye cracks and large complexes in summer. It is easy to appear in sexual cracks. But sometimes it also appears at the end of the crack. This is also called the Daisy effect. It is not a mechanical problem but a visual problem. Therefore, the glass must be cooled before repairing in summer, and the pressure should not be too high. Covering it with a UV shield for a few minutes will help cool the glass. If the air temperature exceeds 26°C, do not heat it.

Depending on the damage situation, glass repair will leave some traces after the repair. The repair effect and quality are restricted by some conditions, and it is difficult to achieve a perfect and traceless repair effect. Not all damages are suitable for repair and the quality after repair is guaranteed. You should choose repair or replacement according to the actual situation. No matter whether it is a tool or a car glass repair, which is claimed to be perfect and traceless, it is not credible, let alone take it seriously.


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