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The normal maintenance of the school bus vehicle is related to the service life of the vehicle and the safety of the driver and passengers. If maintain or use improperly can cause vehicle trouble, bring safety danger. Therefore, in addition to timely mandatory maintenance to the garage, you should also do a good job of daily maintenance, which is beneficial to the "health" of the vehicle. Many users' vehicles, after 600000 kilometers, still do not have a major failure in good driving conditions, thanks to careful day-to-day maintenance.


1.engine fuel quantity inspection


Park the school bus on the level of the road. Pull out the travel ruler to check the oil quantity, if you are within the (F) and (L) marks, it belongs to the normal range, if lower than the (L) bit. Then the specified type of oil should be added, after refueling, the liquid level should not be higher than the (F) bit.


2.Engine coolant level inspection


Do not open the radiator cover when the engine is hot, otherwise it may be scalded by spilled coolant or high-temperature steam. After engine cooling, the liquid level of coolant should be between full position and low position. Otherwise, distilled water or pure water (no mineral water) or freezing liquid should be added, and the height of liquid level should not exceed full position after adding water. If the coolant decreases quickly in a short period of time, check the cooling system for leaks or check at the service station.

For most busy school bus drivers, the school bus is a fuel that will drive away, often ignoring the importance of maintenance, even some people do not even know the basic maintenance knowledge. We are introducing school bus standards, mainly daily maintenance attention, let everyone take good care of your car again.

Yes, you can drive with a driver's license, but do you really know how to maintain the school bus? You may think that you can find a garage for the maintenance of the school bus, and you don't have to do the work yourself. We're not talking about changing your own oil, changing your own brake film, it's a simple, easy and practical project. DIY is an interesting activity that can take care of your car and kill your time. Only these tasks are limited to simple school bus maintenance procedures, those with special tools or specialized knowledge, it is left to the garage technician helpers. In this issue, let's first talk about some very common and often neglected jobs. Order The average driver may drive away as soon as he gets on board, but he has a bit of preparation to do before getting into the car.

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3.Preparation of the school bus before it gets on board


We recommend that drivers develop a habit before getting on the bus, that is, to look around the bus to see if there is enough air pressure on the four wheels, or if there are obstacles around the bus to block the way. After discounting the key, simply check if the operation is normal, such as lights, beacons, braking, etc. This can avoid the operation problems or even scramble when driving.


4.Preparation after opening the headrest of theschool bus


In addition to this action, there is also a lot of work to do on your own when you open the hood. Check each liquid level every week when the engine is not hot, such as pulling out the oil ruler to see if the indicator is between two scales, brake fluid, tank coolant, battery water, and so on, are some safety measures you can check yourself. The battery of the school bus is a link that must be paid attention often, the environmental protection battery that does not need to add water does not need to check the battery water quantity, but should pay attention to the status of the battery surface display window, the general situation is green means normal, transparent, No color means charging as soon as possible, and most of the black ones won't start the engine.

In fact, a school bus battery, the normal life of about two years or so, if a new battery, but the rapid decline of electricity, it may represent the generator (the mill) has a problem. When you replace a battery, the technician usually writes down the installation date with a pen, which is a good reminder of when to replace the new battery.


5.Often beat up the back-up fetus.


It's important to mention that even the fullsize's spare tire is only for emergency help, or you'll see a broken tire when you open the trunk the next time you blow it out. There is also a way to install the rear tire of the school bus. The first thing is to use tools to loosen the screws less, then to use the car to raise the car, and then immediately push the backup tire into the bottom of the car so as not to suddenly fail. When the car falls, there is at least one backup tire that supports it and then loosens all the screws. The replacement screw also has a fixed order, starting from the bottom one, diagonally loosening, installation starting from the highest one, the same diagonal grain-by-grain tightening, but After putting the car back to the ground let the four wheels to the ground, and finally force the screw tight.


6.check tire air pressure


When checking the tire pressure of the bus, it should be carried out when the tire is in low temperature. If the tire is walking for a period of time, the tire temperature will be raised by rolling and the pressure value will not be accurate. To know if the tire has leakage, in addition to the naked eye, it can also be measured by the tire gas meter, it is very accurate. Tire gas figures can be found in the school bus owner's manual or stickers in the car. Most of the stickers are attached to the cylinder head or by the driver's door.


7.Pay attention to the replacement ofwater dial


If you find that the school bus is not working smoothly and you hear or feel a scratch, you should change the dial as soon as possible. Most of the school bus models can be purchased at car boutiques or even petrol filling stations. The boxes will indicate the cost of the car, or the length of the existing water can be measured by a gauge, which can be matched by a size. The replacement method is also very simple, as long as you remove the old water before carefully looking at the installation of the correct location, you can easily cover. Most of the world's school bus manufacturers use the same type of water buckle, so there is little chance of problems.


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