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Nowadays, sliding windows are increasingly used in car side windows.  Compared with fixed windows and butterfly-shaped windows, sliding windows have the advantage of good ventilation. Global energy is getting scarcer while energy consumption during driving is getting higher, under such a situation the sliding window has become popular. Especially for users of commercial vehicles, using sliding windows can reduce the usage rate of air-condition and the cost of driving a car. The sliding window system is equivalent to a door system of an automobile but is more complex. When designing it, we should consider comprehensively and systematically. Otherwise, there will be many problems in the later stage of vehicle construction some of which cannot be solved. Here are some details about sliding window.

Sliding Window for car

1.The basic components of sliding window

The basic components of sliding window (excluding body sheet metal) include sliding window frame rubber strip, sliding window frame locking hook, fixed glass, sliding glass, assemble lock on sliding glass and column bar.

2.Key points of designing sliding window

(1)the design of sliding window rubber strip section is the key point of the whole development process. Whether the rubber strip section design is good or bad is directly related to whether the sheet metal should be changed later. If you want to change the stamping die of sheet metal not only will it cause huge economic losses, but also the deadline of the whole project will be postponed. Therefore, the importance of the cross-section design of rubber strip is obvious. PVC and steel strip (Q195) are commonly used as composite extrusion materials for sliding window rubber strips. Super commercial vehicles use EPDM to make rubber  stainless steel strip (SUS430) dense. When designing a typical rubber strip section, you must be patient.

car Sliding Window

(2)The determination of peripheral dimensions of fixed glass and sliding glass is very important. The change of peripheral dimension of the glass will lead to the change of the glass inspection tool. The cost of the glass inspection tool will become more expensive and the modification period will be prolonged. We must be careful when determining the peripheral size of the glass. The design of glass peripheral dimension is mainly based on its matching with sliding window rubber strip and the manufacturing tolerance of glass. The manufacturing tolerance of glass is mainly in accordance with the standard GB/T17340. It should be noted that the glass of sliding window is tempered glass.

(3)The drainage system design of sliding window is a key point that cannot be ignored. Looking at the sliding window of cars at home and abroad, the sliding windows of automobiles have not been found to be leak-proof. The key is water will be discharged through the drainage system outside the car before entering it, which meets the standard requirements and is acceptable to users.  The drainage system is mainly composed of sheet metal recesses grooves and rubber strip drainage holes. The specific size and location shall be based on the specific conditions.


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