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One of the main reasons why China's economy is less affected by the global financial crisis is that the automobile industry promotes the economic development at home and abroad. However, the substantial increase in the number of automobiles, on the one hand, brings tremendous pressure to the traffic, road congestion is more prominent, and the probability of traffic accidents increases accordingly; on the other hand, due to the increase in the number of parts produced and the decline in quality factors, the probability of automobile failure will increase. The door of a car is the only way for people to enter and exit. In case of an emergency, it will cause huge losses when the door can not be opened. In order to solve this problem, when an emergency occurs, a green passageway can be opened through the window to make up for this defect.

1 Introduction of car windows

The windows of existing air-conditioned buses and other vehicles are sealed and fixed on the noon body with large glass. The windows of automobiles are mainly used for ventilation and light transmission. By opening the windows of automobiles, they can communicate with the inside and outside of automobiles to form a circulation state. The main material of car windows is toughened glass. The formation of toughened glass is formed by heating ordinary glass to softening point and cooling down rapidly through "quench" technology. Toughened glass is characterized by large internal stress, so its hardness and pressure are several times greater than ordinary glass. This is the main reason why toughened glass is widely used in car window industry.

2 Design of Traditional Car window

The development of knowledge and the progress of science and technology make the window design of automobile industry more humanized. General windows are mainly designed with automatic lifting and automatic shading. The so-called automatic lifting window is that when people sit next to the window, they can automatically open and close the window by pressing a button without manual operation, which is simple and convenient compared with the traditional operation. The auto-shading window is similar to the auto-lifting window. The auto-shading operation of the window can be realized automatically by pressing the button according to the user's needs.

3 automatic blasting system

Automatic blasting system mainly refers to the process of blasting windows automatically through buttons when doors and windows can not be opened after an emergency occurs, connecting the inside and outside of the car. Looking back on the past, we will find that when there are traffic accidents or earthquake disasters for various reasons, our doors and windows are basically in a state of inability to move. This is mainly due to the serious deformation of doors and windows during emergencies, which makes it impossible to open smoothly. Generally, the window material of vehicles is toughened glass, which has higher hardness than ordinary glass. Therefore, it is not easy to break the window glass manually. In order to solve this problem, we can install an automatic blasting system on the vehicle, i. e. the window blasting, to solve the problem.

4 Window Opening and Closing Motor

The main reason why windows can exchange real air is that windows can be opened and closed automatically. In order to realize the actuator of the switch, the stepper motor with large torque is used in the system to ensure the normal and fast response of the window. Compared with ordinary motors, stepper motors can achieve open-loop control, that is, the angle and speed control of stepper motors can be realized by the number and frequency of impulses input by the driver signal input terminal, without feedback signal, so the control operation is simpler.

5 Concluding

Automobile is one of the most commonly used means of transportation. The safety of the system is directly related to people's life. A control system with high reliability and small potential safety hazards is what people expect to have. The automatic blasting system can satisfy people's requirements both in structure and function, and it is not only suitable for medium-sized buses, but also suitable for cars, buses, trains, metros and so on. If put into production, it will produce huge economic benefits and escort people's travel.


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