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Safety Problems Of Sde Window Film On Automobile Glass

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Safety is a big problem, so the purpose of filming is mainly to save energy. While pursuing energy saving, we must also consider safety. The concept of safety is mainly in terms of light transmittance and explosion-proof, so we divide the film into two categories, one is called energy-saving film that everyone is selling in the world, and the other is used for glass safety. Anti-bumping safety film, as well as an explosion-proof heat insulation film combined into one.

There are many consumers who have certain consumption misunderstandings. It is not the explosion-proof film you posted in a certain store. If he can achieve the purpose of explosion-proof with energy-saving film, it is impossible. At present, more than 95% of the constructions in the world are energy-saving membranes, so we must choose wisely. There are many colors for energy-saving membranes, but color cannot be used to judge quality.

Many brands make consumers dazzled, there is no way to distinguish true from false. It depends on whether there are high-end imported special-purpose photometric instruments in the construction store. Now the photometric instrument manufacturers are more accurate than those made in Germany and Japan. The domestic ones are generally not very accurate. Use the instrument to find out the film that suits your data, so that you can avoid opening the triangular window and solve the safety problem. Don't worry about it at night. When driving at night, the glass with a good film will not affect the driving and also help to prevent glare, so the film is definitely better than not sticking it.

If your membrane has the function of a safety membrane at the same time, if you open the triangular window, you will lose the explosion-proof function of the safety membrane. If it is an energy-saving membrane, it will be very uncomfortable after being cut off, and it is also very uncoordinated in terms of aesthetics, so the suggestion is Finally, do not post too dark film on the driver and co-driver's position.


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