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Simple identification method of automobile glass

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Car glass is rarely noticed, but it is an important equipment in the body structure. Many glass repairers will find that the frequency of replacing the front windshield glass after the saving increases, which is caused by flying stones during most of the driving process. In the process of replacement, it was found that there were many false glass installed on the vehicle, but the owners did not know.

What is the difference between real and false glass?

The penetration and impact resistance of fake glass are poor. In the high-speed trek, it will be broken by the crushed stone particles that will be bouncing up, which will cause serious consequences. After the fine glass is broken, the debris particles are small and free of edges and corners, which is not easy to hurt people; After the broken fake glass, the fragments are large and some have angular angles, which are very easy to hurt the crew.

1、 Look at the glass trademark

One is high temperature printing, the other is low temperature printing. The difference between these two is that the low temperature label can be cut off by fingernails or sharp objects, while the high temperature label can not be cut down. Therefore, the low temperature label that can be cut off must be false glass.

The content of the general glass trademark is more, for example, there are manufacturer code, production date, glass characteristics and various certification, if there is no such information, you should be careful, do not exclude false glass. The trademark mark font of true glass is clear and even, while the logo of imitation products is sprayed on the back, so the font and pattern look rough with rough edges.

2、 Look at the glass grinding

The true glass manufacturer has a sophisticated manufacturing process, and every glass is polished around. The purpose of this is to make the glass look more exquisite, not easy to show the state of edge explosion, and it is very smooth and delicate to touch with hands. The grinding edge of the fake glass is rough, the edges are not neat, even some small manufacturers have not passed the grinding process, the PVB film between the laminated glass will be squeezed out, and the situation of the hand may be broken when handling the glass.

3、 Looking at the glass mirror holder

At present, most of the vehicle interior mirrors are installed on the windshield glass, and the fixing device between the rear-view mirror and the glass is commonly known as the "mirror holder". The original or real glass is usually produced with mirror holder and is very suitable. But the fake or auxiliary glass is generally just a piece of light plate glass. When replacing, you need to remove the mirror holder of the broken glass, and then glue it on the new glass. You must be careful when you see this situation. If you see this situation, the glass without the mirror holder is likely to be a fake or cheap product.


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