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Blind people are those whose optic nerves or eyes suffering from diseases or accidental injuries that cause blindness. There are congenital blind people and acquired blind people. However, blind people also have the ability of "seeing".

People who are born blind are not aware of vision. They usually have no visual concept. Therefore, in the dream, there is no visual information, only other perceptual information. As time goes by, the visual ability of people who are acquired blind declines, and the visual information in dreams will become less and less until they are the same as those who are born blind. Congenital blind people also have their dreams. However, since the information in dreams originate from the collection and learning of the senses, their dreams are as silent, completely colorless, and more fragmented as their realistic world.

When driving on a beautiful road, looking at those natural scenery on both sides, most people feel happy. But what about blind people? Perhaps they still can't see the scenery in front of them. However, Ford has developed a technology that allows those blind people to feel the world as we see, feeling the snowy mountain scenery or the green valley.


There are two methods commonly used to provide information to visually impaired groups. One is to express the entire field of vision through sound, and the other is to stimulate their association in a synaesthetic way.

When driving a high speed car, the former method may not be a good way, because no one or AI can quickly describe the scenery without delay, and letting people listen to N-hour broadcast can also be annoying.


According to the British "Daily Mail" website, Ford has released a prototype technology - "feel the landscape", allowing the blind to "feel" the scenery outside the window. Ford believes that everyone should be able to enjoy the scenery outside the car. Ford's prototype car window technology allows visually impaired people to feel the scenery outside the window. They mount the camera on the window, the camera takes an external landscape photo, turns the photo into a high-contrast monochrome, and finally reproduces it on the glass using a special LED light. When blind passengers touch the car window, images of different gray levels vibrate at up to 255 different frequencies, allowing the passengers to reconstruct the landscape in their mind.


Ford and Aedo, a startup company in Italy that specializes in developing equipment for the visually impaired people, developed the technology. This technology can turn an ordinary journey into a truly memorable journey.

Ford spokesperson Marco Alù Saffi said: "We are trying to make people's lives better. This is a great opportunity to help blind passengers experience the driving pleasure. This technology is advanced, but the concept is very simple, it can turn the ordinary journey into an unforgettable journey.” The technology features an image recognition system that recognizes the passing landscapes and speaks out loud to passengers, so they will know if they have passed through mountains, forests or oceans.


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