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As a teenager from a marginal town, I was lucky to try a RV trip for the first time, giving me a lot of novelty and experience. During this period of time, almost every party was asked: what are the benefits of RV travel compared to previous self-driving tours? Is it worth promoting? The number of times to answer questions, inadvertently summed up the six advantages of self-driving RV travel.


First, both the freedom of self-driving and the thrift of donkey travel

With a RV, it's like having a moving room, kitchen and restaurant, food, accommodation, and everything. Although the cost of renting a RV is significantly higher than that of a SUV, the cost of a RV camp is far less than the cost of a hotel rent, and even a four-star camp is much cheaper than living in a hotel. In addition, the dining materials of the RV all come from the supermarket, can be called cheap and good quality. More and more towns, around the scenic area are equipped with special RV camps, these camps in addition to providing electric power for the RV, water sources, mostly equipped with bathrooms, laundry rooms, cleaning kitchen supplies of the sink and so on.


Second, get closer to nature.

Sleeping in a rickshaw camp, which is similar to the original environment, is not comparable to a matinee camping, but there are absolutely conditions to repeatedly experience the "night stop listening to the wind blowing rain, the iron horse glacier dream." Even better, the midnight dream back, open the skylight gazing at that smiling moon, push open the door to catch the meteor skimming over the snow mountain, this is how poetic, how soul-boggling! The same scene of art and petty investment may be: the beautiful sound that sends Sleeping away every morning is not from the alarm bell, but from the Yingyan language in the shade, from the murmur of water in the depths of the forest, from the dew swaying in front of the door. This is the real story of our RV life. Photo. Are you starting to move?


Third, a richer travel experienc

RV, has solved the main demand of our long-distance movement, but in order to go deep into the hinterland of downtown or scenic spots, restricted by many factors such as road control and parking lot regulations, it is often necessary to temporarily abandon the RV and make use of local tourist transportation facilities such as subway. Light rail, bus or scenic area dedicated trains and cable cars, and so on. In this way, it not only greatly enriches the travel experience, but also greatly expands the way to observe and understand the local humanistic environment and folk customs on the spot. The valuable experience resulting from this experience can not be obtained by a simple self-driving trip.



Fourth, it is not necessary to sort the bag every day

There is a lot of personal luggage for a long trip. I brought three large, medium and small pieces: a tug box, a backpack, and a small photo bag with a single mirror. In addition to clothes and daily necessities, my camera scaffolding and a spare portable backpack. In the past, check-ins were opened every night to pick up clothes, and the next morning they had to be packed again. This time it was different, we put clothes, stationery, toiletries, daily necessities, food classification on the first day of entering the car and put empty trailers in the back of the car into the storage room at the back of the car. Until we returned to the car, we did not have to repeat the opening of the box and pack it, so we saved no need to do so. Less energy and less time. When leaving the RV every day, just bring the photography equipment and the necessary outdoor supplies.


Fifthly, if you don't miss the meal on your way, your living will be more regular.

With plenty of room for food storage, breakfast every day is fully nutritionally balanced and casually tasty. As for lunch, not only doesn't it have to be delayed because you're on the way, you can also indulge yourself in time, pick an eye-raising, heart-nourishing place to park, and make simple food interesting and memorable.


Sixthly, dinner can have more choices.

Because the cabinets, refrigerators, stoves, gas and electric power facilities of the RV greatly encourage the culinary enthusiasm of the gourmet, but also because my traveling companion loves Chinese food, Haiqi is good at making western food. So our dinner is often a mix of Chinese and Western, a mouthwatering. As far as I can see, the greatest pleasure in spending time in the kitchen is not to save money, as first mentioned, but to avoid unsavoury meals. This, I believe, will be recognized by many people who are more stubborn in taste and less adaptable to their appetites.

  No matter how busy work is, don't forget life and family, go for a walk, the outside world is not bad.


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