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In recent years, with the continuous development of the bus industry, more and more types of bus and derivative special vehicles have emerged. Various structural designs of bus glass are widely used in various types of buses. The type selection and use of bus glass in different types of buses and different environments are directly related to product performance, passenger comfort and economic value of bus itself.

1 Current status

1.1 Frost often occurs in the car windows in winter in severe cold areas due to the great difference of temperature and humidity between inside and outside the cars. Glass frosting makes passengers unable to clearly observe the station and scene outside the bus and miss the station by taking the bus; large space bus drivers observe side windows, frosting can not be completely removed, affecting drivers to observe the situation outside the window brings unsafe factors.

1.2 For summer in southern China, the temperature is long and hot. Many vehicles on the market, especially city buses, have high transmittance of window glass. Most of them have a penetration rate of more than 80%. Long-term irradiation makes the temperature in the carriage rise. Air-conditioning can reduce the temperature in the car, but the energy consumption - fuel consumption, gas consumption or power consumption is not a green, environmentally friendly, economic and reasonable solution.

1.3 The unreasonable partition in the design of bus glass on the market, such as side windows of city buses, makes it impossible to increase the manufacturing cost without meeting the relevant national standards.

2 Reasonable Design and Economic Analysis of Bus Glass            

2.1 Types of Bus Glass

Bus window can be roughly divided into front windshield, rear windshield, driver's window, side windshield and passenger door glass. Their glass structures are different.

Driver's windows can be roughly divided into two types: bonded windows with bus window adhesive and push-pull windows with aluminum frames. Adhesive windows are usually 5 mm thick single-layer tempered glass or 14 mm or 16 mm double-layer hollow glass thickness, of which 16 mm is more widely used.

2.2 Rational Design

2.2.1 Design and Selection of Regional Medium Glass in Different Regions

The author believes that hollow glass can be used in some cold areas in the North,especially driver side windows and vice-driver windows, which can greatly reduce the frequency of defroster, electric heater, dehumidifier and so on, in order to reduce energy consumption, save fuel, electricity and gas. In view of the problem that the high sunshine penetration makes the car temperature rise, the author believes that in the southern region, the color of glass can be designed as dark gray or brown to reduce the glass transmittance. In the actual experiment, dark gray is preferred by most customers. The advantages of changing the glass color to reduce the transmittance are as follows: first, the primary reason for reducing the temperature rise in the car in summer, reducing the frequency and degree of use of air conditioning in summer, and saving energy. Second, the use of dark glass to improve the overall grade and quality of the car, users like it. This method has been more and more verified in the actual design selection in recent years.

2.2.2 Economic Analysis of Windows Design and Type Selection in Different Bus Types

The side window of "Current Status 1.3" in the above is unreasonable in design. The structure of the photo is the same as that of a car Figure 1 (all-aluminum frame push-pull). Fig. 2shows the optimized structure (top-bonded and bottom-bonded aluminum frame push-pull), which meets the requirements of GB13094 and GB7258's latest version of escape window size of 500 x 700, but the cost of both is quite different. Known market price, single-layer bonded glass is about a yuan/, aluminum frame push-pull window is about 4-4.3a yuan/. After calculating, we can get the approximate price of the two. It is concluded that the cost of A is at least 1.3A yuan higher than that of B. The number of side window glasses of buses is large, generally more than 10 pieces. If the B structure bicycle glass is used, the cost will be saved at least 13a yuan.

2.2.3 Application of Rational Modular Design in Bus Glass Design Selection

When designing glass, it is necessary to take into account the influence of surrounding skeleton and interior decoration, which are closely related and interact with each other. If all kinds of possible structures are fully considered in advance when designing, they can cope with the changing structures freely after the subsequent finalization in order to achieve universal design. If the side window is a hollow glass structure, the depth of the cladding column of the commonly matched interior decoration decreases relative to that of the ordinary single-layer glass structure. If the customer needs change to the ordinary single-layer glass structure, the depth of the interior decoration will increase by 6-11 mm, and the hollow glass structure will also change accordingly. Optimized hollow glass structure, whether the inner decoration cladding column is in the state of hollow glass or single glass, can be installed, so that the inner decoration cladding column can be completely universal.


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