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As a beginner in the back-office operation of a company's website, I hate our company to be honest. Why? Because the company's product classification is too much. Think of me as a dull and careless person, after the release of the product will be led over and over again criticism, why? It is strange that the damn company's product refinement is so clear that the company demands every step of the product so meticulously that I spend every day in the criticism of the leader. You know, a person is always criticized, the mood is very not beautiful, since not happy, and do not know what to do, I might as well complain about our company.

The first point: in terms ofproduct classification, the company does not mean a single group of obvious categories, but to each product-specific application of each category. For example, the engineering car windows produced by our company will be subdivided into the categories that we apply to different products and different locations. For example, our company's push-pull window will also be subdivided into Beiqi Futian flat window, Iveco large flat window, Jianghuai M4 flat window and so on. Why do you say you are so complete, so careful, and why do you want to refine to such a specific category? To get your clients to choose you? But the way it is now, Not a lot of people come to visit your web page. Where are the results of all this hard work?

school bus window

Second point: every day immersed in the world of delivery products can not extricate themselves, but also those who work with the application pictures. Big brands like Iveco, with so many partners, are you just using a few pieces of glass? So proud? Is not your products exported to Europe and the United States, in other people's less commonly used small tractors have a little use, as for such a day to play us to the hair? It is not your product that has been used on the school bus abroad. Forget it, people have to bow under the eaves. I admit your product really has a wide range of applications, okay?Can you make me send a few less products?

The third point: this is the point I want to complain about, what kind of product testing every day, to test the quality and success of the product. All day long a group of people knocked at the glass, a pile of machines to knock on the glass, you say, you people, breaking a piece of glass will kill you half your life, and those test equipment, if you can not change the batch, you can not save a piece of glass, I am ashamed of you.

After all that, if you still don't believe it, you'll come and see if the company is really not good enough. Not yet? Here, click on this link, you see, I am embarrassed to say. What? You ask me, why is the company so bad, you are still writing here? Nothing, just because of love. Take a look at this place where you don't want to leave when you come.


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