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As the automotive industry has entered 2019, many media have proposed a new year's outlook, such as foreign media TopGear, they recently proposed the nine major trends in the automotive industry in 2019. Next let's take a look!

1. China is taking action

In the past ten years, we have always heard the words "China's automotive industry will take over the world", but it has not been fully realized. China does have a huge impact on the automotive industry, such as making European manufacturers produce kinds of SUVs. But the main development direction of China's domestic products is electric vehicles. Can we see more ideas in 2019? It is worth looking forward to.

2. The car is getting lighter

The Suzuki Swift Movement and the BMW 3 Series received much less applause than their predecessors, but in fact they have achieved the lightweight of the car, which is worth encouraging. If the automotive industry can achieve a virtuous circle, and everyone will invest as much as possible in the lightweight, then the automotive world will be more developed.

3. The car is getting smaller

What ways can help the car to lose weight? The most realistic way is to make the car smaller. Small cars can travel freely between congested urban roads, but a large car requires two parking spaces to open the door.

4. More accurate battery power

Unless you are driving carefully under perfect conditions, the battery of the electric car is usually not as durable as the ones that the manufacturer boasts. If you drive halfway and the battery is dead on the road, that is too shameful. In the new year, can electric vehicle manufacturers launch electric vehicles with real battery power?

5. Launch a personalized electric car

Even the same is the electric car, there should always be some differences between the models of each brand. Even the best EV, Jaguar I-Pace is not likely to be the same as Tesla. In the new year, I hope that there will be more distinctive electric vehicles available. It should have some unique features that other models don't have, so that they can be recognized at a glance.

6. More meaningful nameplate

It's no longer popular to mark the engine's model on the side of the car. Unless you're driving an American pickup truck, your car's volume will always be marked there. If it can, we hope that the car manufacturers can punctuate interesting things here in the new year.

7. The end of the horsepower war

If the car can get smaller and lighter, and the engine becomes more powerful, then each model really needs 20, 30 or even 50 horsepower more than the one they replaced? Higher horsepower is really amazing, but can it make the car drive better? This is a question worthy of consideration by manufacturers.

8. Where is the future of diesel vehicles?

The scandal of the Volkswagen diesel car has been outbreaking for more than three years, and the future of diesel cars is still an open question. Porsche has stopped manufacturing diesel cars, Jaguar Land Rover sales are falling, while gasoline cars are also eating into their markets. However, diesel engines do have their value and we hope that car manufacturers can treat them more seriously.

9. Make the car more beautiful

Sharp lines, radiant headlights and bright, dazzling grilles are all elements that make the car more beautiful. But when can we continue the brilliance of car design? This has rarely happened in recent years, and we hope it to reappear in 2019.


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