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Teach you three ways to maintain car glass

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The first trick is to use glass water rationally
Nowadays, many parts are cleaned by professional cleaning fluid. Of course, car glass is also cleaned with special glass water. There are many types of glass water sold on the market, but there are three main types: glass water in summer and antifreeze glass in winter. Water and special effect antifreeze glass water. Therefore, when using glass water, you should pay attention to using the corresponding glass water according to different seasons.
The benefits of using glass water are: 1. Glass water can make the appearance of the windshield more bright and unambiguous; 2. Glass water can deal with the problem of chaotic reflections on the glass at night; In addition, the editor reminds all car owners, because they are running at high speed or dust In many cases, the glass water will be used very quickly, so you should pay attention to injecting new glass water immediately.
Reminder: Do not use washing powder or detergent instead of glass water to clean the glass. Because there are some deposits in chemical detergents such as washing powder, it is easy to corrode the rubber tube after a long time, and it will block the spray nozzle, and in severe cases, it will damage the motor and so on.

The second trick, car film
In the hot summer weather, many car owners choose to stick a thin layer of insulation film to block the sun and avoid ultraviolet rays.
Warm reminder: Car insulation film is divided into front and rear windshield film and side windshield film. Therefore, it must be clear before applying the film. Among them, the front windshield has the highest request. In addition, pay attention not to paste the dark heat insulation film. At the same time, it is necessary to know clearly that the higher the heat insulation rate, the more fierce the reflection is.
The third measure, glass insurance
Glass is very easy to break, so it is necessary to give the glass a "separate glass breakage risk". In this case, if the insured vehicle is damaged as long as the windshield and window glass are damaged, the insurance company will pay compensation.


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