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The main classification of auto parts

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1. Engine accessories, mainly including engine, engine assembly, throttle body, cylinder block, tensioner, etc.;

2. Powertrain accessories, mainly including clutch, transmission, gear shift lever assembly, reducer, magnetic materials, etc.;

3. Brake system accessories, mainly including brake master cylinder, brake cylinder, brake assembly, brake pedal assembly, compressor, brake disc, brake drum, etc.;

4. Steering system accessories, mainly including kingpin, steering gear, steering knuckle, ball pin, etc.;

5. Walking accessories, mainly including rear axle, air suspension system, balance weight, steel plate, etc.;

6. Electrical appearance accessories, mainly including sensors, automotive lamps, spark plugs, batteries, etc.;

7. Automotive lamps, mainly including decorative lamps, fog lamps, ceiling lamps, headlights, brake lights, reversing lights, turn signals, exterior lights, indicator lights, searchlights and other automotive lights;

8. Car modification parts, mainly including tire pumps, car roof boxes, car roof racks, electric winches, etc.;

9. Security and anti-theft accessories, mainly including steering wheel locks, wheel locks, seat belts, and camera numbers;

10. Auto interior accessories, mainly including car carpet (foot pad), steering wheel cover, steering wheel booster ball, window cloth, sun gear, etc.;

11. Auto exterior accessories, mainly including wheel cover, car body color stripe stickers, license plate holder, weather shield, etc.;

12. Comprehensive accessories, mainly including adhesives, sealants, car accessories, car springs, plastic parts, etc.;

13. Audio-visual electrical accessories, mainly including tire pressure monitoring system, decoders, monitors, car walkie-talkies, etc.;

14. Chemical physical accessories, mainly including coolant, brake fluid, antifreeze, lubricating oil, etc.;

15. Car body and accessories, mainly including wipers, car glass, seat belts, airbags, exterior decks, etc.;

16. Auto repair accessories, mainly including sheet metal equipment, purification systems, tire changers, proofreaders, etc., as well as electric tools such as electric punches, hot air guns, electric jacks, and electric wrenches;

17. Auto electrical accessories. Auto electrical accessories are one of the most important parts of automobiles, mainly including batteries, battery clips, battery cables, cable tails, engines, magnetic switches, unidirectional devices, rotors, stators, carbon brushes, and carbon brush holders. , Copper sleeves, bearings, starting relays, incineration switches, regulators, engines, wiper motors, heater motors, heater resistors, heater switches, wiper intermittent relays, various switches, and others, as well as GPS/navigation , GPS accessories, car GPS, Bluetooth GPS, handheld GPS, all-in-one GPS, GPS module, GPS charger, car map and other electronic equipment.

18. Other auto parts, mainly including tires, car mats and other auto parts.


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