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The tempered material of the side window of the car glass is conducive to the escape of people

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Comparison 1: Front and rear windshield

It's broken but doesn't splash and still keeps sight

On the front windshield of a Kia car, there is a small pile of hard-to-find logos and numbers in the lower right corner. Technician Wei Chuangbin told reporters from Nanguo Zaobao that a lot of useful information can be read out. For example, "KIA" means this glass is specially produced for Kia cars, "FY" means the glass manufacturer (Fuyao Glass), and then the code of the specific factory. More noteworthy are the following English characters: "LAMINATED" means the use of laminated glass. Because the front windshield glass is one of the most easily damaged parts, when the laminated glass is broken, the pieces can be glued together through the PVB film between the glass. The broken surface will be like a spider web, will not splash and hurt people, and it can be the largest Keep sight to the degree so that the driver can observe the road conditions ahead. Then the rear windshield will have a thin line, which is an electric heating wire, which can help defrost and defog. When cleaning the glass, riders should be careful not to hang and wipe with hard objects, so as not to cut off the heating wire.

Comparison 2: Side window glass

Tempered material is conducive to the escape of personnel

On the tested vehicle, "TEMPERED" was written on the side window. Deng Kuang introduced that this English refers to tempered glass, which also has the effect of not splashing after impact. But the difference is that after it is damaged, it will quickly spread into dense small particles. At this time, it is easy to fall off as a whole, which is convenient for personnel to escape in a critical moment.

In the field test, a piece of old side window glass was used for impact test. A 2 kg iron ball fell from a height of 1 meter. After hitting the glass, the glass broke into a net immediately, but the fragments did not fall too much. The reporter pulled with his hand, and the originally "hard" glass can be pulled like a piece of paper at this time. This feature helps the occupants in the car to escape.


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