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The use of double glazing in automobiles

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Car glass is not all glass

According to national standards, automotive glass is divided into five types: laminated glass, regional toughened glass, toughened glass, hollow safety glass, and plastic-glass composite materials, and these five materials are suitable for different positions on the car because of their different structural strengths.

For example, for the front windshield glass, motor vehicles with a design speed higher than 40km/h can only use laminated glass and plastic glass composite materials. Tempered glass is only suitable for motor vehicles with a design speed of less than 40km/h, and regional tempered glass can only Used in trucks; for doors, corner windows, side windows, rear windows and top window glass, 4 materials such as laminated glass, tempered glass, hollow safety glass, and plastic glass composite materials can be used.

Double glazing for premium cars

So back to our original question, what we usually call double glass is actually laminated glass. Compared with the side window glass, there are more models with double-glazed front windshield glass, but for cost considerations, there are still fewer models with double-glazed glass.

It is not difficult to see from these models that double-layer glass is mainly used in high-end models of various brands. The same is glass, and the double-layer glass obviously sounds even more powerful. What's so good about the double glazing?

Better sound insulation and explosion-proof effect

First of all, in terms of safety, the adhesive film of the double-layer glass interlayer is tough and has strong adhesion. It is not easy to penetrate after being damaged by impact. The fragments will not fall off. Even if it is hit, it can fall off as a block. It is vibration-resistant, anti-theft, and explosion-proof. Great.

Secondly, the double-glazed interlayer can also be put into the heat insulation film, which is the heat insulation film that comes with the original car. With this configuration, we don’t need to stick the film again after buying the car (unless you are extraordinarily concerned about privacy). Claim).

Third, the sound insulation and noise reduction effect of double-glazed glass is better. As long as you have tried models with double-glazed glass, you will have obvious feelings, and the sound insulation effect is indeed improved.

However, double-layer glass is not without its shortcomings. Obviously, its biggest problem is that the production process is complicated and the price is higher. If it is not bad, even if it is optional, it should be equipped with double glass, after all, it can improve everyone's ride comfort.


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