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There are three types of car glass, which is the safest?

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What kinds of auto glass are divided into? Which reliability is the best? Do you know how to care for the car glass when keeping a car? Today, let's talk about the topic of auto glass.

There are several types of automotive glass
At present, mainstream automotive glass adopts three types: laminated glass, tempered glass, and regional tempered glass. However, most of the cars on the market now are laminated tempered glass and laminated area tempered glass, both of which have high safety factors and can withstand strong impact.

Features of laminated tempered glass
As the difference in bearing capacity and functionality, the front windshield of most domestic models adopts interlayer tempered glass. When hit or broken, the glass will split into passivated particles, and in the area where there is an interlayer, the glass particles will adhere to the interlayer and will not fall off. The main purpose is to prevent people from harming the interior of the car.

What does the logo on the glass mean
The authenticity of the glass also determines the glass's ability to resist shattering and the degree of damage to personnel after it is broken. A qualified automotive glass product must have 3C certification, and the 3C certification logo must be clear and extremely difficult to scrape off with a nail or a blade.

Pay attention to daily maintenance
Although all the glass that meets safety standards is installed when the vehicle leaves the factory, the daily maintenance of the glass cannot be ignored. For example, develop the habit of checking whether the windows are closed after parking, and be sure to park in an open area to prevent falling objects from high altitudes when parking.

The most important point, and one that is overlooked by most car owners, is that many car windows have a one or two centimeter cracks that are considered to be not a major issue, so they are not repaired and replaced, but often this subtle crack will accelerate the cracking of the entire glass. degree.

In fact, glass is also an important part of automobile safety, and various important links should be paid attention to when purchasing glass. Another point is that the production date of the whole car glass of most vehicles is very close, and it can be a reference standard when buying second-hand cars.


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