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To clean and maintain the windshield of a car, you need these methods

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          Everyone knows that the windshield of a car plays a major role in driving safety. The windshield of a car must be cleaned frequently to ensure that the owner is safe on the road. The car owner's car glass is cleaner and he is more motivated to drive. Today we will talk with you about the method of cleaning and maintaining the car windshield.
1. Different glass stains are cleaned by different methods

   Regarding car glass maintenance, different glass stains can be cleaned in different ways. If there is only floating dust on the surface of the car glass, then the owner only needs to wipe it with a dry cloth, but be careful not to be too hard, so as not to damage the glass, and then directly clean it with glass water, and then wipe it with a warm and damp cloth. If there are spots on the car glass that cannot be removed, the owner can try cleaning with toothpaste, which will have unexpected results.

2. Be careful not to clean the glass with corrosive cleaners

   When cleaning the car window glass, the car owner remembers not to use corrosive cleaners to clean it. This will damage the car glass and cause the car owner to have a bad view when driving. There is another kind of stain that is relatively difficult to clean, and that is glass rust. In this case, the owner can wipe it with a damp cloth first, and then use a clean damp cloth with a little alcohol, or use alcohol to wipe the car glass vigorously. It can make car glass as bright as new.
3. Different seasons have different effects on the windshield
  In winter, the windshield of a car is prone to mirror blur, and there are problems such as chaotic reflections on the mirror when the owner is on the road. In addition, there are more rainy days in summer, so there are many bugs and traces of rain left in the shellac last time on the glass. These are difficult to clean up if they are not cleaned up in time. Every car owner must pay more attention to it.


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