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Varieties and characteristics of automotive glass

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Since the birth of automobiles, glass has been indispensable for driving. However, the beginning automakers believed that car glass was just to resist wind and cold, rain, and dust. With the development of the automobile industry, road conditions continue to improve, and vehicle speeds are increasing. The importance of automobile glass is gradually being known to automobile manufacturers and users. The variety of automobile glass is gradually increasing, and the functions are also improving rapidly. Common automotive glass includes the following varieties:

1. Laminated glass
  Laminated glass is generally composed of two pieces of ordinary glass and an organic glue layer between the glass, but it can also be composed of three layers of glass and two layers of glue or more layers are combined at the same time. The original sheet of laminated glass can be made of general glass, or tempered glass, semi-tempered glass, coated glass, heat-absorbing glass, hot-bent glass, etc. The most commonly used organic material for the intermediate layer is PVB (polyvinyl butyral), as well as methyl methacrylate, silicone, and polyurethane. Laminated glass with high penetration resistance is Class A laminated glass.

2. Insulating glass
Insulating glass is a combination of two or more pieces of float glass. Aluminium alloy bulkhead filled with desiccant is sandwiched between the glass pieces. After being bonded and sealed with butyl glue, it is sealed with polysulfide glue or structural glue. .

3. Edged glass
   edging glass is an assembly product of automobile safety glass. The glass edging design not only expresses the aesthetic needs of automobile manufacturers, but also enables the glass to be more closely integrated with the car body. At the same time, it improves the installation efficiency of the automobile production line, shortens the installation cycle, enhances the strength of the glass, improves the sealing performance, reduces the noise and Additional accessories and other advantages.

4. Bulletproof glass
   Bulletproof glass is a laminated glass composed of three layers of glass and PVB film, which can successfully resist the penetration of bullets and glass fragments broken by bullets. The bulletproof function of glass largely depends on its total thickness and bullet energy.
  Other, common ones are water-repellent glass, antenna glass, HUD front glass, sound-proof glass, heat-insulating glass, heating glass, etc.



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