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The car window is an important part of the whole body, which is designed to meet the needs of lighting, ventilation and vision of the passengers. There are front and rear windowpanes, side windows and doors and windows according to the installation position of windows. The shape structure and quality of the window have a great influence on the driver's vision, passenger comfort, appearance and aerodynamic characteristics. The window structure is usually curved and closed. It is connected between the window frame of the body and the window glass by rubber sealing strip. The sealing strip acts as a seal and buffer to prevent the windshield from being damaged when the windshield frame is deformed due to the force exerted on the car body.


Automobile glass used to be the main windshield. As early as more than 80 years ago, glass had been installed in the T-type car produced by Ford Company in the United States. At that time, flat glass was installed in the front of the carriage, which saved drivers from the suffering of wind and rain. Since then, the glass industry has gradually entered the automotive industry, creating a variety of safety glass, such as laminated glass, toughened glass and regional toughened glass. This greatly improves the performance of automobile glass.


Automotive side window glass is made of toughened glass. Automobile glass is an essential part of automobile body accessories, which mainly plays a protective role. The state mandatory requirement for front windshield must be laminated glass. Some inexpensive farm cars still have toughened glass or regional toughened glass. Side windows are made of all-toughened glass because they are less likely to splash on the occupants when they are broken. The rear windshield is generally toughened glass with electrically heated wire.


The automobile automatic glass window is located on the side of the vehicle inside the door. Side windows can be of various shapes and sizes. They can be sliding or fixed. Most modern cars have an electric motor that can roll up and down the window glass through a passenger-controlled switch. Old cars need a crank to roll down the windows. Only the windows of the driver and the front passengers can roll into the door completely.


Advantages of Sliding Window

Minimum maintenance

Sliding car windows have fewer components than traditional windows. Therefore, for car owners, the maintenance and cost-effectiveness of sliding windows are very low.



Springs and pulleys wear or fail over time. Sliding windows do not rely on these components to work, which makes them more durable than traditional windows. Most sliding car windows also use glass windows to increase their durability.


Energy efficiency

Glass windows improve thermal insulation and energy efficiency. Over time, this will lead to lower energy consumption.


Easy to use

Sliding windows are easy to open and close.


Disadvantage of Sliding Window

It is difficult to clean the sliding car window. Besides, sliding windows also cost more. If sliding windows are damaged, they need to be replaced in time. It can't be repaired. It can only be replaced with new glass.


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