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What should Children Pay Attention to When taking School Bus


School bus safety has always been the focus of social attention, because school buses for schoolchildren do not carry other people, but young children. In recent years, school bus accidents have occurred. These painful lessons remind parents and teachers that children must be taught how to take a school bus safely and keep in mind some precautions.

1. What should the pupils pay attention to while waiting for the bus?

When children waiting for school buses to pick up and drop off from school, they should arrive at a designated location and wait for the bus according to the agreed time. Don't be too early or late.

Don't stand on the motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles when waiting for the bus. Pay attention to your own safety and do not affect traffic.

When you leave school, you should wait quietly and orderly for the bus to arrive. When waiting for the car, you should listen to the teacher's arrangement. Do not chase and fight. You are not allowed to leave the car without permission. When the school bus arrives, it should be lined up in an orderly manner and must not be crowded.

When getting on and off the bus, wait for the bus to stop and queue in an orderly manner. Do not rush to avoid shoving and stampede. When the school bus is driving, you must not reach for the car and hinder the driver's normal driving.

Children can not carry flammable and explosive items when they are on the bus. When the vehicle is driving, it is inevitable that the vehicle will vibrate, squeeze, etc. Such items are easily burned or exploded. Before children get on the bus, they can not carry dangerous goods such as controlled knives, which can easily hurt their classmates and themselves.

2. What should pupils pay attention to when they get on the bus?

When the children get on the bus, they should pay more attention to safety.

First of all, do not stand in the car door for a long time after getting on the bus. Try to grab the handrails and go inside to the safe area. Find a fixed seat and fasten your seat belt.

After getting on the bus, you must listen to the management of the driver and teacher. You must not run and play in the car, Chase and fight. When you are in a car, hold on to the handrails regardless of whether you have a seat or not. When you arrive at the station, wait for the vehicle to stop and get off. Don't walk around or even do homework in the car. It is best for children not to sit in the passenger seat next to the bus driver because this is the most dangerous place and it is very vulnerable in the event of an accident. Try not to talk to the driver's uncle so as not to distract him.

When riding, children do not press the button on the car or open the window; The school bus is driving, children must not put their heads, hands, arms out of the window, otherwise it is very prone to accidents; Do not throw anything out of the window to avoid hurting others.

Children try not to eat or drink while the bus is running. The bumps and sudden brakes of the vehicle during driving can cause food or drinks to accidentally enter the respiratory tract. Children may suffocate or even die due to foreign bodies in the trachea.

3. What should the pupils pay attention to when getting off the bus?

When the bus arrives, the children will wait until the car stops. Before getting off the bus, make sure that there are no vehicles around. Then open the doors and get off in order to prevent the doors from suddenly opening. The nearby vehicles will not have time to brake and collide. When children get out of the car, they must queue up and get off in order. Don't crowd and push. After getting off the bus, if you want to cross the road, you must not cross the road directly in front of the car or behind the car. Because this is the driver's visual blind area, accidents are likely to occur. You should go to a traffic light or zebra crossing 20 meters away from the car. Line, queue up to cross the road again.

4. How do you save yourself when the bus hits into the water?

We may have seen the news of the school bus falling into the water. Children are too young to effectively save themselves. Tragedy is inevitable. If the school bus falls into the water, how can the children help themselves is correct and effective?

After the school bus falls into the water, the children should bear in mind two things: one is to leave the vehicle, and the other is to try to surface the water.

The right thing to do is to stabilize your mood as soon as possible after the school bus hits the water. After the school bus hits the water, do not try to open the door at the first time, because the pressure outside the car is much larger than in the car. It is very difficult to open the door. When the car is about to be filled with water, the pressure inside and outside the car is relatively balanced and can be easily opened. Open again.

Because children are younger and have insufficient physical strength, they should look for buoyancy objects in the car before leaving the car in order to help them surface. If you can, find a large plastic bag to tighten the seal on your head. The air in the bag can provide you with the oxygen you need to float.

If the school bus falls into the water, the water surface is shallower and the window is still exposed to the water. The child can choose to break the window and leave the car.
At this time, the children must stabilize their emotions, quickly judge their position and determine the escape route.

If the water level is shallow and can not flood the entire vehicle, it should wait for the vehicle to stabilize before trying to leave the vehicle from a safe source. If the water level is deeper, but it has not yet flooded the window, you must quickly put the window down. If the electric window can not be opened when the water is short-circuited, you can use the escape hammer next to the window to open the side window of the vehicle.

It is necessary to bear in mind that when an emergency occurs, the children on the school bus must not be overly flustered. If there is a teacher on duty in the car, they must listen to the teacher's arrangement, or the bus driver's arrangement, and choose the most effective way to save themselves.

5.How do you save yourself when the bus catches fire?

In the event of a fire, how can the children help themselves? If you encounter this situation, students must obey the command of the teacher or driver. They must not be overly flustered and crowded.

To calmly detect the fire location, determine the wind direction, before the fire spread, headwind, quickly leave the fire area. If the fire is too fierce and does not understand the situation of the fire, you must not blindly rush out.

If there is only smoke and no fire, children can cover their mouths, noses, napkins, etc., and bend down to escape the fire area. After getting off the bus, evacuate to the safety zone 50 meters away from the car.

If the front and back doors of the vehicle can not be opened normally, the child can escape through the window. It is of great importance to eliminate the hidden dangers of school bus safety and strengthen school bus safety management. Of course, children should understand the meaning of security, civilization ride, safe ride, for their own lives and safety.


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