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Duing to the high requirements and some involved factors of elastic adhesive technology , various quality problems are likely to appear. The broken glass of adhesive window is one of  the the most difficult problem.

After the bus with adhesive window technology was initially applied to the market, some users reflected that the glass had self-cracking phenomenon. In order to solve this problem, the technical personnel can make a comprehensive investigation and concluded some original factors causing the glass to break.  

First reason is the quality of glass. The main point is that the internal stress force can not be released when glass is formed, which leads to self-crack after installation and matching. Because the window glass is used as the clamping glass, which is made of plastic material as the intermediate mold (polyvinyl butyral ). When two pieces of common glass are adhered together, the strength is lower, and the size of glass is large. In order to obtain the required double arc large curved surface shape, the general method is local heating, resulting in uneven internal stress. If a self-cracked glass is found after the glass is put into stock for a certain time, it can be proved that there is a problem in the glass making process.

Second,the skeleton is not strong enough. The window glass directly affects the appearance, field of view, safety and aerodynamic force of the car. In order to make the bus good looking, with wonderful shape, the window glass is inclined to be made as large as possible and made into double arc large surface shape. Therefore the requirements for the manufacture of skeletons are very high. If the skeleton is not strong enough, the deformation will occur. When the deformation  exceeds the accessible scope of deformation of the glass connected with the car body, the glass will produce self-cracking phenomenon.

Third, the adhesive technology is not correct. For the correct use of elastic adhesive technique, it is necessary to determine the material and the stiffness and strength required after the adherence. Then select the relative adhesive according to the above, and determine the bonding parameters according to the adhesive, such as the bonding thickness and bonding width, etc. Next make preparations like the required materials. If the required strength is not calculated accurately, the quality of the selected bonding wattle is not up to standard, the bonding preparation is not qualified , the bonding thickness and the bonding width are not enough,  o glass will rupture.

Forth, the rupture of glass is caused when users are using the the car. In this case, it usually happens on a coach. If the passenger car runs at high speed, the driver opens the side window or the front passenger door, when the air resistance pressure on the outside side of the wind surface is extremely large , while the pressure force of the inner side window is reduced by the opening of the side window, which leads to the formation of negative pressure in the glass part of the wind window, causing the glass to break. 




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