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Ways To Maintain Auto Gass Side Window

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         Many car owners put heat-insulating film on the side windows of their beloved cars in summer, which is not only prevent sun exposure but also heat insulation and UV protection.

        Auto insulation film is divided into front and rear windshield film and side windshield film. The front windshield has the highest requirements among them.According to the traffic safety regulations of the Ministry of Public Security, the light transmittance of the front windshield must be over 70%,on the premise  that it does not affect driving safety. No dark-colored film.when it comes to choosing the index of the Aiti-UV film, the higher ,the better, Because it can protect the components of the center console from premature aging by long-term sun exposure.

Besides,the result has no direct relationship with the color depth, but the coating process beneath the heat insulation film is the key factor.The higher the heat insulation rate, the stronger the reflection.Generally 60% rate of the product in the market is already pretty nice ,and you need to be careful if the rate is up to 80% or even 90%.

       A spray of glass water will give you a "clear" view when you feel that the transparency of the car's glass is poor ome car owners find it easy to clean the winsheild and no need to make a fuss and thus choose a "folk recipe"self-made glass water instead of a bottom of special glass water for about 10-20 rmb.

     There are some sediments in chemical detergents such as washing powder, which will corrode the rubber tube after a long time, and it will block the spray nozzle, and even damage the motor under severe circumstances. The normal detergents will also continue to corrode the rubber tube and accelerate to catalyze  the hardening of the wiper rubber strip. When the hardened rubber strip scratches the windshield, it will accelerate the surface of the windshield to be scraped and scratched.

      If the wiper is replaced again, the cost will be dozens of times the price of glass water.There are many chemical residues in it although ordinary water is very clean,  it will clog spray nozzle and affect the spraying as time goes by. Long-term usage will also increase the friction of the mirror surface, which will easily leave slight scratches on the mirror surface when the wiper is cleaned.


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