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What are the benefits of car glass film

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  1. Maintain privacy. When the film is attached to a red light such as parking, the inside of the vehicle cannot be seen clearly after the dark film is attached, and the outside of the vehicle can be seen clearly inside the vehicle to preserve privacy and safety. 2. Insulation, if there is a film in summer, the temperature in the car will be much worse, which can not be solved by fully turning on the air conditioner. The film can well isolate a lot of heat generated by infrared rays.

  2.   Anti-ultraviolet rays. The medium wave and long wave of the ultraviolet rays can penetrate very thick glass, and the insulation film can block most of the ultraviolet rays. Avoid skin damage and reduce the aging of car interiors.

  3.  Safety and explosion-proof. The bottom layer of the film is a polyester film, which has the function of being very resistant to tearing and breaking. With the glue layer of the film, the strength of the glass after the film can prevent accidental breakage of the glass and damage to the crew.

  4. Reduce air conditioning and save consumption. The loss of air-conditioning and refrigeration can be compensated by attaching a heat insulation film, which can instantly reduce the temperature in the car and save fuel consumption to a certain degree.

  5. Add beauty. According to personal preference, the beautiful car can be personalized by pasting.

  6. Anti-glare. Decrease in unexpected conditions due to glare factors.


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