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What are the factors that cause car glass to break?

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Cars also have a "glass heart". When you are strong, you don't need to worry about it. When you are weak, the car owner loves it. In other words, the car owner takes care of it. Broken glass needs to be replaced.

Analyze glass breakage factors

The glass has a dark wound

The glass itself has dark wounds in front of the device, or the dark wounds caused by collisions, causing the glass to have a certain degree of slight trauma, but the alignment of such glass devices is not accurate.

Because the dimensions of the glass are not accurate after forming, the glass buckle device is too tight, and it is easy to burst when the glass heats up and cold shrinks, causing the device to be distorted and deformed, and the thermal stress is relieved during the construction process.

Tempered glass self-explosion

The automatic burst of tempered glass without direct mechanical external force is called the spontaneous explosion of tempered glass. Self-explosion is one of the inherent characteristics of tempered glass. The unevenness of the spontaneous explosion rate of tempered glass is related to the quality of the glass itself. The biggest factor in the burst of tempered glass is still the level of the tempered glass's own production technology. According to the skill statistics of automobile manufacturers, the glass itself has a spontaneous explosion rate of three out of a thousand.

The quality of the glass of certain models is unstable

Because of the poor toughening performance of the glass itself, it directly causes the glass to crack under conditions where the temperature environment changes greatly (such as high temperature in summer and thunderstorms).

High-speed stones bouncing to pieces

When driving at high speed, you often hear the crackling sound of small stones under the rolling of the wheel. If it is only rolled into the wheel, it is okay. If it accidentally jumps on the glass of the car, it is simply facing fragmentation.

Accidental or malicious damage

The car parked in the community was spotted by a thief, and it was parked quietly but was smashed by a falling object from a high altitude. In this situation, finding the "first evil" is acceptable, but it is also awkward to find the "first evil". .

No matter what factors cause the car glass to break, you must replace it with a new one after it breaks.


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