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What are the safety points of car glass

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Through special treatment, car glass can protect the vehicle and passengers from external environmental factors.
  In the process of car driving, the demand of car glass provides the driver with an outstanding view
  In the event of a sudden problem, the car glass not only needs to ensure the safety of the passengers, but also needs to be lightweight and multifunctional
   This requires more in-depth research and analysis of car glass.
   Now major car parts manufacturers have applied aerospace, electronics and other skills to car parts and assemblies
   As an important safety part of the car, the safety glass of the car has been developed rapidly in the production of the car, and it has also been greatly developed.
  New skills are not only widely used in car products; they also extend to development and design, trial production, production, handling and other aspects.
   The requirements for glass in cars are multi-level.
   First of all, we must satisfy the basic safety requirements.

   Car glass mainly completes its maintenance of driving safety by ensuring vision and impact resistance;
econdly, on the basis of basic safety functions, it is also necessary to satisfy the coordination of the appearance and the body, light and thin, and satisfy the aerodynamic requirements of the car;
   Third, we must satisfy other basic requirements of cars, such as car air tightness, weather resistance, etc.;
   Fourth, it is necessary to satisfy the requirements of the driving environment in the car, such as sound insulation and heat insulation.
   Car glass has more and more additional functions, such as receiving signals, displaying pictures, and visual hallucinations when driving down at high speeds.

Car safety glass now mostly uses curved glass, which can reduce the thickness of the glass and reduce the weight.
   However, curved glass has higher requirements for the optical function of the glass, and the degree of personalization of the shape is high, which puts forward higher requirements for processing.
  The environmental function of car glass is to ensure the weather resistance of car glass.
   The car glass will not cause the failure of the safety function or the damage of the glass itself under the condition of long-term reciprocating changes in the outdoor environment.
  The continuous development of cars has made the car glass demand better to improve its own functions to improve the efficiency of the car.
   Car glass is one of the most commonly used materials in cars, and its function is also the primary factor to help cars improve their quality.
   There will be no lack of the use of glass in future cars, so the future development prospects of car glass are very impressive.


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