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What do you think of the production date on the car glass

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Now many novices will choose to buy a second-hand car to practice, small editor believe that those who want to buy second-hand cars have learned that it is necessary to see the production date of glass, to prevent accidents. So what do you think about the date of production of automobile glass? And car glass manufacturers to learn how to see the common production date of automobile glass!

There are three common production dates of automobile glass on the market:

01 single row number + dot (number in the middle)

This method is that the number represents the year of production, the dot represents the month, if the point is produced in the first half of the year before the number, and the point after the number indicates that it is produced in the second half of the year. The production date identification in the above figure can be read in this way. 4 represents 04 or 14 years. There are 5 dots in front of the number "" 4 ". Subtract the number of dots with 7, that is, 7-5=2, indicating that this is the automobile glass in 14 years or February 2004. If the point is after the number, subtract the number of dots by 13, for example, there are 3 dots after 4, namely 13-3=10, That's what was produced in October.

02 single row number + dot + star point

This representation is also the year, the dot near the number represents the quarter, and the dot after represents the month of the quarter. The mark in the above figure is for example. 7 represents 17 years or 17 years. There are three dots behind the number "" 7 ", indicating the third quarter degree, followed by two stars, indicating that it is two months. In a comprehensive view, The date read is July or the second month of the third quarter of 17 years. The translated automobile glass is the automobile glass which was delivered in August, 2007 or August 17!

03 two rows of numbers + dots small dots + large dots

This method can read specific dates. The numbers are also years, the first row of dots represents months, the big dots in Row 2 represent 10 days, small dots represent one day, and the production dates in the above figure read out. The first row 17 represents 17 years, the latter three points represent March, the second row has a big point and a small point, the larger represents 10 days, and the small point represents one day, The combination is 11 days, and the two rows of information are integrated together. The date read is the automobile glass delivered on March 11, 2017.

The above mentioned methods can read most of the production date of automobile glass on the market, of course, some glass, especially some imported glass, do not indicate the production date, so it needs to be analyzed comprehensively!

If you really encounter a glass production date that you can't see, here we can teach you a trick. Compare all the glass production icons on the bus. If you find different, there will be problems. A new car will not have different production icons. Has the method of small edition been learned?


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