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What is silk screen glass?

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What is silk screen glass?
Silk screen glass is a kind of decoration glass that uses glass screen printing technology to perform decoration printing on the surface of the glass and then fires it at a high temperature.
Glass screen printing is the use of screen printing plates and glass glazes for decorative printing on glass products. Glass glaze is also called glass ink or glass printing material. It is a paste printing material that is mixed and stirred by coloring materials and binders. The coloring material is composed of inorganic pigments and low-melting flux (lead glass powder); the connecting material is commonly known as the sharp board oil in the glass screen printing industry. The printed glass products should be placed in the stove and fired at a temperature of 520~600℃. The glaze printed on the surface of the glass can be fixed on the glass to form a colorful decoration picture. If silk screen is used in combination with other processing methods, it will have a more ambitious effect.
For example, the use of polishing, carving, etching and other methods to process the surface of the glass before or after printing can double the printing effect.
The glass trading platform of Glass City will show you several screen-printed cabinet glass:

So how is the silk screen glass produced?
The detailed technical process of silk screen glass:
Stretching the screen → sizing → drying → printing → developing → drying ↓ flat glass → cutting → edging → cleaning and drying → printing ↓ sintering.
Although the technical process is quite simple, there are many points that need to be paid attention to in the detailed operation:
1. The glass suitable for printing can be cut according to the user's request. It can be rectangular or irregular, then chamfered and ground, cleaned, and dried for use. Special attention should be paid here, and there should be no water marks on the surface of the glass.
2. Screen selection The screen printing plate used for glass printing is the same as the usual screen printing plate. The glass screen printing plate uses synthetic fiber screen, stainless steel screen, and natural fiber screen. When printing normal color materials, the above-mentioned screens can be used, and cheap synthetic fiber screens are usually used; when used as gold and silver decoration, stainless steel screens cannot be selected. The size of the screen is usually 270-300 mesh.
3. The selection of the screen frame. The currently relatively regular and slightly deformed screen frame is an aluminum alloy frame. The size of the frame should be larger than that of the picture. The detailed scale should be that the outer edge of the picture should be between 70 and 100mm from the screen frame. The strength of other screen frames is very important, and the key is to satisfy the rigidity in the horizontal direction.
4. The stretched net selects the silk net and the net frame, and combines the two, which is the stretched net. There are many ways to stretch the screen. Manual, motorized, and pneumatic methods can be selected. At present, the more advanced one that can stretch high-quality screens is the pneumatic stretcher. The request for stretching the net is that the tension is uniform, the warp and weft of the net should be straight, and the glue of the net should be strong and not loose.



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