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What is the difference between aluminum alloy sliding window and flat sliding window?

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Whether it is a home or a shopping mall, a workplace or a car, the choice of windows is a relatively important choice. Windows is the only tool for connecting with the outside light and ventilation. There are more types of aluminum alloy windows. Many people They are all questioning whether to choose automobile aluminum alloy sliding windows or flat sliding windows.

Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of these two types, the editor has made a systematic summary, hoping to bring you a little help. The flat window can open the window to the maximum, and can also ensure the overall unity and sealing performance. It is better in places that require a lot of daylight, while sliding windows are horizontal for sliding, and only 50% of the entire window can be opened. It is also safer when used in cars, which can not only provide ventilation, but also The safety performance is guaranteed, and the operation is relatively simple when people are in the car. Therefore, it is loved by many people as an automotive aluminum alloy sliding window.

The suggestion is that if you need to use a place with high ventilation requirements, you need to choose a flat window. For a small building, using a sliding window is the first to be safer, and the second is more convenient to operate.


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