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What is the difference between casement windows and sliding windows

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    Sliding window means that the window opens to the left and right sides along the track. Generally, two or more windows are required to form a sliding window. Does not occupy indoor or outdoor space, freely control the opening area, and is easy to operate. Especially suitable for use on window sills. The cross section of the sliding window profile is generally relatively large, and the maximum opening degree can only reach 1/2 of the entire window area. It stands to reason that its wind pressure resistance performance should be better, but only a little in-depth force analysis will know its main force rod The parts are often medium fan materials, and the upper and lower stiles only rely on pulleys to withstand the horizontal wind load, so the wind resistance performance is generally not ideal. On windy and rainy days, the windows can only be closed and no air can be exchanged.

    The tightness is not very good, and moisture and dust are easy to enter. Casement windows generally have a small profile section, but their main force-bearing members are usually made of assembling materials or mid-lifting materials. These main force-bearing members will be strengthened accordingly during the design process, so their wind pressure resistance performance is better. It is simple, safe, flexible, and convenient for cleaning the outside glass of the window. The outer casement window is a traditional and simple way to open, and does not occupy indoor space. The inner casement window can realize the functions of upper or lower hanging tilting and inner casement opening through the hardware linkage device, which can softly replace the indoor air. Generally, good rubber sealing strips are used between the window sash and the window frame, with excellent sealing performance. The energy-saving effect of casement windows is far superior to that of sliding windows. Casement windows can be called "energy-saving windows". For the balcony with enlarged depth, floor-to-ceiling sliding windows are perfect, which not only enhances indoor lighting but also strengthens the connection between indoor and outdoor, and expands the view.


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