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What should I do if water enters the sliding window?

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The problem of water accumulation in the lower frame of push-pull aluminum alloy doors and windows is more common in Yangjiang, especially in the current stormy weather. The problem of water entering the lower frame of the window to the north or northeast is a headache. Many citizens have similar feelings: the aluminum alloy windows closed in the stormy weather, when they come back, the ground near the windows is covered with water. If it’s a tiled floor, it’s OK, just wipe it dry with a mop. If it is a wooden floor, it will be miserable. It is possible that the entire floor will have to be turned up and re-paved; if it is a bay window, the water overflowing from the frame under the window wets the closet, which is even more headache.
     Many people can't think of a thorough solution to this problem. The citizens report that the most used method is to put some towels in the frame of the window, and use the cloth to absorb water to block the water so as not to overflow and wet the ground. Although this method is effective, you are trapped, and you always have to stare at it. If the rain is too strong, you should take out the towel from time to time and wring out the water and stuff it in. Otherwise, the soaked towel will still overflow.

How to better solve this problem? The author learned from some decoration team masters in the city that, according to the observation of the master, the overflow of water stored in the lower frame of aluminum alloy doors and windows is mainly due to wind and heavy rain. After the strong wind presses the rain in through the cracks at the bottom of the window, it cannot pass the drain hole in time. When it is discharged, more and more water accumulates under the force of wind to overflow through the lower frame of the window and flow into the room. The solution is to install a water baffle, but for floor-to-ceiling windows, the threshold here must be raised after the water baffle is raised, which will bring some inconvenience to people entering and exiting.
 One is that when the newly renovated house is being renovated, replace the original window frame with an aluminum alloy frame with a raised lower frame on the market. This raised lower frame is higher than the original lower frame, about 5 cm high. , Although there will still be some water splashes in typhoon weather, it effectively prevents the overflow of accumulated water.
The second is to install a water baffle, cut a stainless steel plate, about 5-8 cm high, glue it on the original window frame with stone glue to form a water baffle, which can effectively block rainwater overflow, and the construction is more convenient. Why use stone glue instead of ordinary glass glue, because the effect of stone glue is stronger and durable, and the effect of bonding metal is better than glass glue.
 The third is to adopt a double-window approach. Double window means to add another window outside (inside) the original window. The disadvantage of this method is that it is expensive, which is equivalent to reinstalling an aluminum alloy window, and the window sill must be wide enough to install. The advantage is that the sound insulation effect is good, but the drainage holes must be handled properly to drain the water from the inner window frame in time. Fourth, the easiest way is to buy plastic flaps online and install them yourself, but they must have strong hands-on ability and are not durable.


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