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What to do if car glass is damaged

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       When the front windshield glass is found to be damaged during high-speed driving, all car owners need not worry too much. According to professional maintenance personnel, the front windshield glass is safety glass. Because it is laminated glass, even if it is damaged, the glass will only crack without breaking and hurting people. So when it is damaged, you only need to drive carefully. You can go to the glass repair shop to replace it after finishing the work or returning home from the driving tour.

  Car maintenance and repair-broken side windows and rear windshield
      The side windows and rear windshield glass of most models use toughened glass, which is extremely strong, so its breakage rate is very low.  
         If you are broken by stones or other hard objects or explode while driving at high speeds, all car owners must be careful. As toughened glass breaks into fine particles, it can still cause damage to the human body. When encountering the above situation, you must immediately slow down to prevent fluctuations, and remember not to lift the glass again to avoid glass damage It is more serious, causing glass to splash and hurting people in the car. The glass slag is very sharp, the speed of the highway is very fast, the slag will also float along with it, and it is likely to hurt the owner, and the glass slag is difficult to dispose of, and it is easy to cause the glass slag to remain and hurt the passenger car. Insiders, because all car owners must be cautious.


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