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Which sound insulation is good for sliding windows and casement windows?

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Many owners are puzzled about this problem, especially those living on the roadside, they all want an environment with good sound insulation. The windows are one of the more important parts. In fact, you can know how to choose by comparison. Explain it for everyone, let's analyze it together. It depends on the glass material. Usually casement windows are obviously thicker than ordinary sliding windows. Casement windows are window frames like letter slots, so they are closer when closed, and no loose leaf is needed, so there is basically no shaking and Loose, so its stability hinders the spread of sound. Casement windows are usually double-layered, and the air layer between the glass effectively hinders the spread of sound! Therefore, the heat insulation effect is also very obvious! In terms of sound insulation alone, casement windows will definitely win! But considering the price, the sliding window is still cost-effective, because the sliding soundproof window can reach a comfortable sound level after it is closed. In addition, the opening of the sliding window does not occupy indoor space and does not hinder the hanging of curtains. This advantage is also incomparable with casement windows. Make a choice based on what you care about the most. There are two main aspects for us to compare:
1. In terms of sealing performance, the double-layer casement window is more closed when closed, so the sealing performance is better; and the sliding window is opened and closed by the pulley method, and the bottom of the sliding window generally cannot be sealed with a sealing tape; Therefore, the sealing performance is slightly worse. Sound can be transmitted through the air, and the difference in sealing performance can directly affect the sound insulation performance of doors and windows.

2. Structurally, the double-layer sealing structure adopted by the double-layer casement window can effectively block the sound transmission; most of the common sliding windows adopt a single-layer structure, and the sound insulation performance is relatively weak.


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