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Who is the inventor of laminated auto glass?

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     With the development of automobile mechanical performance, the speed of the car becomes faster and faster, and the harsh wind and flying debris hitting the driver's face has become a very serious problem. In order to reduce this kind of trouble, in the 1920s, various automakers added a piece of glass to their cars. These initial windshields were hand-cut from flat glass, but unfortunately when the glass shattered, the flat glass would shatter into large pieces of dangerous sharp fragments, which would injure the occupants. This does not comply with the installation of the windshield for safety. The original intention.

      In the 1930s, Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motors, suffered minor injuries due to a broken windshield, which prompted Ford to invent laminated safety glass. He sandwiched two pieces of glass with a layer in between. The plastic is separated to make something like a sandwich. This idea is very consistent with the requirements of windshield, because the plastic interlayer can prevent the glass from falling like a sharp knife on the occupant and hurting the occupant.
    Laminated glass will not break after being hit, but the small damage that appears will affect the appearance and safety. Therefore, many years later, the American Delijia company invented the automotive glass repair project, which has a great repair effect and saves energy.


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