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Why can't the side windows of car glass be raised and lowered?

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It is one of the common failures of automobiles that the side windows of automobile glass cannot be raised and lowered well. We must first understand what causes it to avoid further deterioration of the failure.

The reasons why automobile glass side windows cannot be raised and lowered are generally as follows:

1. The glass glue strip (including the internal pressure strip) is aging, dirty, deformed, etc., which will form resistance to the rise or fall of the glass. Generally aging, deformation, etc., it is best to replace the new sealing strip, if it is too dirty, just clean it directly.

2. The glass lift rail is too dirty. The same is the problem of lubrication. Cleaning the glass lift rail and applying grease can eliminate the problem.

3. Pay attention to whether the battery power is low. Lifting and lowering the glass when the engine is not started consumes the battery's power. If the battery's power is too low, it will be difficult to lift the glass.

4. Motor failure. When the battery is full and there is no resistance, it is difficult to raise and lower, and it is very likely that the motor is faulty.

5. The glass lifter is malfunctioning. Including glass lift rail failures, cable failures, slider failures, etc., only the glass lift can be replaced.

6. The glass strip is inappropriate. It is true that some cars have inappropriate glass strips. At this time, you can use DIY to adjust the shape of the strips with scissors, knives, etc.


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