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  • How to maintain the sliding windows of electric vehicles

    There are two types of sliding windows: left-right and up-and-down sliding. Sliding windows have the advantages of not occupying indoor space, beautiful appearance, economical price, and good airtightness. It adopts high-grade slide rails, which can be opened flexibly with a light push. With large p

  • Tianze Auto Parts provides you with car sliding windows

    Welcome everyone to visit our Nanjing Tianze Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. website again. Today, we mainly talk about our company for some new customers, so that you can know us better. The company is specialized in the production and processing of aluminum profiles, aluminum sli

  • Interpretation of glass breakage risk alone

    Risk of breaking glass aloneThe risk of glass breakage alone, that is, the safe company acts as a commercial security to compensate for the loss of the car's glass alone when the safe vehicle is in use. The broken glass alone means that only the windshield and window glass (not including the lights,

  • Sliding window vs. casement window

    1. Appearance comparisonIn appearance, the difference between casement windows and sliding windows is mainly in the matching with the overall style of the building. Casement windows can be made into any line of facade effect due to the flexibility of their divisions. For large-division French window

  • Varieties and characteristics of automotive glass

    Since the birth of automobiles, glass has been indispensable for driving. However, the beginning automakers believed that car glass was just to resist wind and cold, rain, and dust. With the development of the automobile industry, road conditions continue to improve, and vehicle speeds are increasin

  • About the purchase of sliding windows

    Modern home decoration has always been based on the concept of space saving, low carbon and environmental protection. Tailor-made sliding windows can save space for the balcony. Because the sliding windows are closed, they bring more safety. However, how to choose and buy is introduced by the



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