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  • Precautions when installing sliding window sealing strip

    Sliding window sealing strips are mainly used as a type of seals for plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, wooden doors and windows and other architectural decoration doors and windows. Plastic-steel door and window sealing strips on the market are generally extr

  • Tianze Auto Parts provides you with car sliding windows

    Welcome everyone to visit our Nanjing Tianze Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. website again. Today, we mainly talk about our company for some new customers, so that you can know us better. The company is specialized in the production and processing of aluminum profiles, aluminum sli

  • Daily maintenance method of automobile glass

    1.sort out the dirt  Because of the hot summer, many people park their cars under big trees. As a result, a lot of sticky glue-like dirt will fall on the car glass. Many people will make mistakes when cleaning up the dirt. They will use shovel and other sturdy tools to scrape off, but they obviously

  • How to deal with and penalize car glass damage on high-speed

    Automobile glass occupies about 30% of the total area of the vehicle body, so the probability of being injured by foreign objects such as stones during high-speed driving is relatively high. If car owners are not vigilant about encountering such an environment, how should we deal with penalties?1. F

  • Car front glass maintenance skills

    The weather has changed a lot in recent days, and it is really maddening. Especially in rainy days, driving, road conditions and sight problems will seriously affect driving safety. How to maintain the front glass of a car? Everyone may wish to pay more attention to it!1. Regularly replace the wiper

  • How to deal with scratches

    A few days ago, someone called and said that the front windshield of the car was scratched, which affected the vision when driving at night. Many people don't want to change the glass, so they find a way to deal with it by themselves, and find fine sandpaper to polish it. Some people think that this

  • How much do you know about auto glass?

    1. Tempered glass cannot act on the front gear  The state clearly stipulates that the front windshield must not use toughened glass. Therefore, the general front windshield is laminated glass, and the door glass is generally relatively cheap tempered glass. After the laminated glass is damaged, it w

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