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  • How to maintain the car's built-in windows

    The society has been advancing. A car and an ordinary car generally have four windows that can be opened and closed. Their function can be easily understood without saying more. When you just start the car, you need to open all of them. This way The reason for the operation is to keep the air fr

  • What is the difference between casement windows and sliding windows

    Sliding window means that the window opens to the left and right sides along the track. Generally, two or more windows are required to form a sliding window. Does not occupy indoor or outdoor space, freely control the opening area, and is easy to operate. Especially suitable for use on window si

  • Attention to the installation of sliding windows of electric vehicles

    When installing combined doors and windows for electric vehicle sliding windows, attention should be paid to the reasonable setting of mid-straight and mid-range to ensure the overall rigidity of the splicing rods and doors and windows. The specifications and spacing of the connectors meet t

  • Design requirements for automobile sliding windows

    1. Determination of the overlap amount in the height direction: The overlap amount should be selected according to the groove depth of the upper sliding profile, the track height of the lower profile, and the height of the sash pulley. 2. When designing the yarn fan, the overlap amount in the height

  • car windshield repair

    1. Do not wash the car and drive on a flat road as much as possible within two days of changing the glass.2. Before repairing the car glass, thoroughly remove the dirt on the car glass. Careful selection of cleaning agents and related cleaning products are good choices.3. After turning on the defogg

  • How to determine the size of the sliding window

    Sliding windows mainly refer to doors and windows in which the window sashes are vertically moved left and right in the horizontal direction. Every household will have doors and windows, and most people will use sliding windows. However, sliding windows also come in different sizes. If you do

  • What should I do if water enters the sliding window?

    The problem of water accumulation in the lower frame of push-pull aluminum alloy doors and windows is more common in Yangjiang, especially in the current stormy weather. The problem of water entering the lower frame of the window to the north or northeast is a headache. Many citizens have similar fe

  • Talking about the design requirements of automobile sliding windows

    When designing aluminum alloy sliding windows, the installation and use safety of sliding windows should be considered. When the overlap amount in the height direction of the window is too large, it will cause difficulties in installation; if the overlap amount is too small, there will be safe

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