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Customization Service
We can design and products according to your demands.
Customization Case

Flush Sliding Window
Production Process : (glass part) aluminum processing, polishing, spray, glue. Synthetic inner and outer frame.
Product  Features : Product structure is.  reliable,smooth and beautiful appearance, small wind resistance, for MVP.

​School Bus Aluminum Sliding Window
Production process: (glass part) aluminum cutting, bending, welding, polishing
Product Features : Especially designed the small push-pull for the children who have naughty personality.In order to prevent children from falling out of the window, improve safety and security

​Aluminum frame construction vehicles sliding window
Production process : Aluminum bending, welding, polishing, spray, glue.
Product Features:Solid and reliable product structure, environmental adaptability. Can be designed for a variety of models.

​Caravan Motorhome RV Windows
This one is for the Australian customer with camping car. The color of the glass is called European grey. It can also be applied to the family RV and the music RV. It is a two-way push-pull structure. It can accept the installation of screens to prevent mosquitoes.


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