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  • Formation of anti-fog film on automobile glass

    Automobile glass anti-fog film adopts electron beam evaporation technology to coat high-melting nickel-cadmium alloy under low-temperature vacuum state or uses magnetron sputtering technology to sputter ceramic fine particles to the PET substrate at high speed. The anti-fog coating PET contains It h

  • How to maintain the appearance of the glass?

    In ordinary life, the use of glass furnaces is very extensive, and the usefulness and effects are endless, but if it is not properly maintained, it will cause losses to the glass. In order to reduce the abrasion and mildew of the product glass, the appearance maintenance method is usually adopted wh

  • Detailed explanation of car glass maintenance

    Glass is like the eyes of a car, which determines the safety of the car. If the glass cannot be lost, the immediate maintenance will bring all kinds of troubles to the car owner. Some car owners only stop the maintenance of some large parts during vehicle maintenance, but it is easy to forget the gl

  • The tempered material of the side window of the car glass is conducive to the escape of people

    Comparison 1: Front and rear windshieldIt's broken but doesn't splash and still keeps sightOn the front windshield of a Kia car, there is a small pile of hard-to-find logos and numbers in the lower right corner. Technician Wei Chuangbin told reporters from Nanguo Zaobao that a lot of useful informat

  • Precautions for car windshield repair

    1. Do not wash the car and drive on a flat road as much as possible within two days of changing the glass.2. Before repairing the car glass, thoroughly remove the dirt on the car glass. Careful selection of cleaning agents and related cleaning products are good choices.3. After turning on the defogg

  • How to deal with scratches

    A few days ago, someone called and said that the front windshield of the car was scratched, which affected the vision when driving at night. Many people don't want to change the glass, so they find a way to deal with it by themselves, and find fine sandpaper to polish it. Some people think that this

  • Analysis of methods for car glass maintenance

    Glass is like the eyes of a car, determining the safety of the car going forward. If the glass cannot be maintained immediately, it will cause all kinds of troubles to the car owner. Some car owners only pay attention to the maintenance of some large parts during vehicle maintenance, but it is easy

  • How much do you know about auto glass?

    1. Tempered glass cannot act on the front gear  The state clearly stipulates that the front windshield must not use toughened glass. Therefore, the general front windshield is laminated glass, and the door glass is generally relatively cheap tempered glass. After the laminated glass is damaged, it w

  • Method of repairing scratches on car glass side windows

    The car side window glass can determine whether the line of sight in the car is clear or not. Due to various reasons, the car side window glass is prone to mirror blur or scratches (when the window is raised and lowered, the sand is worn out and the film cutting blade is scratched. Problems such as

  • The main classification of auto parts

    1. Engine accessories, mainly including engine, engine assembly, throttle body, cylinder block, tensioner, etc.;2. Powertrain accessories, mainly including clutch, transmission, gear shift lever assembly, reducer, magnetic materials, etc.;3. Brake system accessories, mainly including brake master cy

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